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We know you’re one of a kind, and so are our custom wedding invitations. Every single wedding invitation that we letterpress (or foil stamp! or digitally print!) is unique. Because our wedding invitations are easily customizable, we can work with all sorts of budgets. If you’re on a budget, we can help! We have lots of creative ways to keep costs down. Here’s how you can customize our invitation designs.

customize our wedding invitations At no additional cost:

  • Inks: choose from 70+ signature letterpress inks, 15+ metallic foil colors, or 65+ digital inks. 
  • Fonts: choose from our 50+ letterpress fonts.
  • Papers: we offer two exclusive, 100% cotton papers that are only available at Bella Figura. Our soft, 1-ply Bella Cotton paper is 350 gsm, and our new Bella Smooth Cotton 1-ply paper is 310 gsm. Both papers are available in white and ivory.
  • Sizes: go square or rectangular, horizontal or vertical.
  • Envelopes: choose between white cotton, ivory cotton, or a variety of eco colors. All of our envelopes come with a square flap. Our white and ivory envelopes are also available with a pointed (Euro) flap in select sizes. 
  • Motifs and monograms: add a motif or font monogram from our library.
  • Design: resize illustrations, multiply artwork, reorient type, change the occasion, and more.
  • Invent: We can also print your own press-ready design.

customize our wedding invitations FOR AN additional cost:

  • Paper weight: upgrade to our exclusive 700 gsm 2-ply Bella Cotton paper or our 620 gsm 2-ply Bella Smooth Cotton paper for thick luxury and super deep impression. 
  • Printing method: add a second (or third!) printing method to your design – we can combine letterpress printing, digital printing, and foil stamping on our 1-ply Bella Smooth Cotton paper. Letterpress printing and foil stamping can be combined on any of our papers
  • Envelope linings: dream up your own patterned liner (100% cotton, acid-free paper) by choosing from 40+ patterns and 70+ inks—or choose an eco metallic, vintage map, or cityscape liner. You can also create an envelope liner using a submitted photograph, or create a lasting impression with a foil stamped liner. 
  • Edge painting: we hand paint the outside edges of our invitations with a pretty color.
  • Foil edging: we can add silver, gold, or one of a variety of shining colored foils to the edges of your pieces.
  • Pocketfolds: choose from our exclusive eco pocketfolds. We can letterpress, digitally print, or foil stamp on them too!
  • Die-cutting: make a statement with Bella Figura’s exclusive die-cut shapes, Lincoln and Charleston.
  • Custom hand calligraphy: our master calligraphers can pen hand-lettered invitation designs for you, as well as calligraphy monograms, and calligraphy line accents, too.
  • Custom design: we can create a custom design from scratch for you.
  • Corner rounding: soften the edges of your invitations with rounded corners.
  • Hole drilling and grommeting: make information packets, favor tags, and more.
  • Fully assembled programs: we can digitally print your program pages and assemble them with your letterpress and foil stamped program covers using one of our luxurious, Italian cotton ribbons. 
  • Digital envelope addressing: create a perfectly coordinated invitation set by taking advantage of our digital addressing service. 

decrease the cost of your wedding invitations:

  • Go with 1 color printing (you can change a 2 color design to 1 color, or use 2 colors on an invitation and 1 color on a reply card).
  • Order 6 printed pieces (envelopes count!) and save 10%.
  • We offer free letterpress favor cards if your guest favors are a donation to a non-profit ($500 minimum order).
  • Choose unprinted envelopes.
  • Choose digital printing or letterpress over foil stamping.
  • Choose 1-ply cotton paper instead of 2-ply (and you can mix weights of paper—for instance, a 2-ply invite with a 1-ply reply card).


Can I change the wording on your wedding invitation designs? Can I add additional wording?

Absolutely – use whatever wording you’d like! Additional text can be added to any piece at no extra cost. We’re happy to add meal choices to your response card or reception information on your invitation, for example. It’s rare that we’ll have difficulty fitting your text on a particular piece, but this does happen on occasion with programs, menus, and direction/hotel cards. If we’re having difficulty fitting your text, we’ll certainly work through options with you—editing the text down, adding an additional piece, or printing that piece double-sided, with text on both the front and the back. We’re always happy to assist with wording as well! (Check out our etiquette section of this site for wording suggestions.)

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Can you print interior pages for my program cover? What are my printing and binding options for programs?

Booklet style programs are a great way to accommodate a lot of text, like detailed ceremony itineraries and bridal party bios. We can digitally print your program’s interior pages to match your printed program covers, and assemble your programs, too. Our cotton ribbons come directly from Italy, and we have a selection of classic colors that complement our inks. If you don’t see something you love, feel free to send us your own ribbon.
If a folded booklet style program isn’t for you, we can also print a tea-length panel program. These typically don’t allow for as much text as a booklet style program does, but we can print on the backside of any of our flat pieces for an additional 50%. If we are printing on both sides of our 1 ply paper, please know that in order to maintain the legibility of the text we will lessen the impression on both sides to accommodate the added impression. You wouldn’t want the impression from one side detracting from the impression on the other!

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What’s the difference between a reply card and a reply postcard?

Reply cards with envelopes are a more traditional option, but reply postcards are a great eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) option to consider. Reply postcards don’t require an envelope, and they are less costly to mail. Aesthetically, there are several ways to set up a reply postcard. We can design your card so that one side looks like a traditional reply card, and the other side looks like the traditional reply card envelope. Or, we can set your postcard up like a “real” postcard, with a phrase or artwork on one side, and the reply information and return address on the back.

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What are the differences between your papers?

We offer two types of papers – our luxuriously thick, addictive to touch Bella Cotton paper and our newest addition – the ultra modern Bella Smooth Cotton. Bella Cotton paper is made from 100% reclaimed cotton with a subtle texture to showcase the best letterpress or foil stamped impression. Our 1-ply Bella Cotton paper (350 gsm) is thick and lovely; the 2-ply (700 gsm) is twice as thick, like a lovely unbendable board. Our 1-ply Bella Smooth Cotton paper (310 gsm) is slightly less textured but equally beautiful when letterpress or foil stamped – and it is the only one of our papers compatible with digital printing. Bella Smooth Cotton is also available in 2-ply (620 gsm) – it is slightly more flexible than the Bella Cotton 2-ply but no less luxurious. Please note that 2-ply paper may increase your postage costs due to the weight and thickness – but we think it’s totally worth it! Be sure to request samples of our 1-ply and 2-ply Bella Cotton and Bella Smooth Cotton papers when you place your sample order!

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I want an envelope liner inspired by my invitation design. Can you create a custom envelope liner like this for me?

Of course! We love taking our invitation designs and creating the perfect accompanying envelope liner – and with 300+ designs that makes for a lot of design-inspired liners! There is no additional cost for this customization as long as you are using existing design elements.

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Do you offer colored papers?

We do! In addition to our Bella Letterpress Cotton envelopes (converted from a luxurious text weight version of our exclusive Bella Cotton paper) we also have really lovely colored envelopes in versatile colors like metallic silver, metallic opal and jute. Our self-closing pocketfolds are available in a number of eco-friendly papers and are a great way to add color while keeping your invitation essentials neat and tidy for your guests.

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Can you letterpress or foil stamp my guests names on our place cards?

Unfortunately we’re not able to letterpress or foil stamp each guest’s name on place cards, since each card would require a unique printing plate and a separate run through the press. Many of our clients choose to have a calligrapher write their guests names by hand, and we can’t say enough about the beautiful handiwork of our Bella Figura calligraphers! It’s also possible for you or a friend with nice handwriting to hand write the names, or you can print them using an inkjet printer (some models work better than others – we are happy to send paper samples for you to try a test run).

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I need ideas on how to customize my invitations. Help!

We want your invitations to reflect you and your celebration, so all of our designs are totally customizable. You can change a vertical design to horizontal, a square design to a vertical, move or resize illustrations, or base your invitation on that design’s save the date or thank you card. You can change the fonts, the size of the fonts, or the ink colors. You can make a 1 color design to 2 color, or a 2 color design to 1 color. If you’re looking for inspiration and want to chat about your options, give us a call or email us – we’d love to talk! For more inspiration: check out our blog, where we feature our favorite customizations and show how clients have made our designs their own.

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Can I change the font of a design and/or increase the font size on an invitation?

Yes! That’s part of the design customization that we love to do for you, and there is no charge for this type of design work. All of our designs allow you to choose a different font from our Bella Font Library, increase or decrease the size of the fonts, and even change the size and positioning of illustrations, too. Our font library contains over 50 of our favorite letterpress typefaces, and we’re certain that you’ll find one or two that you’ll love. If you’re looking for something truly unique, we offer hand calligraphy accents for lines of text that deserve additional attention (like the names of the bride and groom!). There is an additional cost for these calligraphy accents (but we think its well worth it). We have several different calligraphy styles to choose from, too – from traditional to modern to whimsical.

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Can I see a sample in a specific color combination?

Because of all the time and work that goes into letterpress printing (printing plates! ink mixing! setting up a press!), we can’t print samples in specific colors or sizes. To keep samples affordable, we can only offer them as shown on our website. Of course when you place your order, we can print in any color your heart desires. You might want to check out our blog to see how previous customers have reimagined our designs.

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