Ordering Extras vs. Ordering and Reordering

We’re here to help make your wedding stationery process a wonderful and stress free experience!  When it comes to quantity, it’s always better to overorder than underorder.

We recommend ordering extras, in case of guest list changes, mailing mishaps. It’s also important to ensure you have enough for keepsakes and photography.  

We fully understand that things change and move quickly, and sometimes reorders are necessary.  We’re here to do whatever we can to make all orders, including reorders, as seamless as possible.  

Many people and processes help create these keepsakes, and this process happens whether it’s an initial order or a reorder. The same amount of care, materials, and dedication of time is put into each order, so the cost of ordering 100 + 10 is significantly higher than the cost of 110.

To help save you stress and cost, below we’ve broken out the cost difference for ordering 110 in an initial order, versus ordering 100 and a reorder of 10.

Modern Black Mitzvah Invitations

We worked with our friends at Sweet Paper to bring Bryce’s bar mitzvah invitations to life. Our Pura Vida sample was the starting point, to which we added the motif from our Arches save the date. The Regina liner in black is the perfect minimal pattern to complete this modern suite.

letterpress ink: black | paper: bella cotton white 2ply | fonts: at sackers gothic light + ibm plex sans Hebrew | envelope liner: regina pattern in black | envelope: bella cotton white square flap | customization #64412

Introducing Dahlman: Vintage Christmas Inspired Holiday Design

We’re always interested to learn about our designer’s inspiration. Our designer Cassidy created the Dahlman holiday card for our 2023 holiday collection, and walks us through her inspiration:

Dahlman was inspired by the vintage Christmas ornaments from my great grandma’s mini Christmas tree! I’ve always loved her tree so much so I knew I had to illustrate my favorite ornaments and turn them into a pattern. I named the suite after my Oma’s maiden name Dahlman, as she’s always encouraged and inspired me to live out my dreams as an artist and designer

The color palette and illustration style was heavily inspired by Christmas cards from the 50s/60s, but especially the 1950s collection of Christmas cards designed by the amazing animator Thorten Hee. You can see these below, along with some real vintage ornaments.

The champagne matte foil and pink pearl shine give the card that retro feel and the red shine foil brings in the holiday cheer! For the typography, I used Dark Paradise for the title and Altesse script to help give the card a retro feel and Avenir helped to add a modern touch.

The card can be printed in multiple different colorways and the illustrations can be moved and adjusted to create something truly personalized. Pictures could also be added inside the big circle cutouts of the ornaments to place photos of your family or pets! I’ve mocked up some alternative color ways below.

Dahlman Option 1 – Holly paper with green shine foil, red shine foil, and champagne matte foil

Dahlman Option 2 – Backer option –  Bella white paper with green shine foil, red shine foil, and champagne matte foil 

Dahlman Option 3 –  Bella bright white paper with pink pearl shine foil, ice shine foil, & champagne matte foil

foil stamping: red shine + pink pearl shine + champagne matte | fonts: dark paradise + altesse + avenir | paper: bella bright white cotton 2-ply | size: a-6 | liner: ornaments pattern in champagne matte on metallic rose quartz text | envelope: bella cotton bright white pointed flap | digital addressing ink: cherry

Botanical Spruce Wedding Invitations

We worked with our friends at Ink Papery to create Karen and John’s wedding invitation suite. The reception card features the botanical border from our Braxton save the date, in spruce letterpress to match the rest of the suite. Our white flower vintage print liner, with a background in acadia pairs perfectly with the spruce letterpress used throughout the suite.

letterpress ink: spruce | paper: bella cotton white 2ply + 1ply | fonts: mrs eaves + margarita script | envelope liner: white flower pattern in cmyk + acadia | envelope: bella cotton white pointed flap | customization #65068

Cobalt Floral Wedding Invitations

We worked with our friends at Blacker an Kooby to create Skylar and Peter’s invitation suite. Supplied florals pair perfectly with crisp cobalt letterpress and edge painting. The supplied pattern repeats on the belly band and liner, complimenting the rehearsal dinner and details cards.

letterpress ink: cobalt | digital ink: cmyk | paper: bella smooth cotton bright white 3ply + 2ply + 1ply | edge paint: cobalt | fonts: bettrisia + gill sans + arno pro | envelope liner: custom supplied pattern in cmyk | envelope: bella cotton bright white square flap | customization #66244

Tawny Shine Holiday Cards

We worked with our friends at Please Reply to create these holiday cards, using our Raines Holiday sample as a template. We used Tawny Shine foil, and kept the Becket foil liner pattern.

foil stamping: tawny shine | digital ink: cmyk | paper: bella smooth cotton white 2ply | font: parkson | envelope liner: beckett pattern in tawny shine | envelope: bella cotton white pointed flap | customization #64889

Welcome Fiesta Invitations with Overlay

We worked with our friends at Arabesque of Naples to create these fun welcome fiesta invitations. We matched the design and layout to our Parrish rehearsal dinner card. We kept the copper matte foil stamping, on both the card and overlay, for a crisp modern invite.

foil stamping: copper matte | paper: bella smooth cottton bright white 1ply + 40# vellum | fonts: futura medium | grommet: gold | customization #66820

Ivory and Olive Wedding Invitations

We had the pleasure of creating Alexandra and Tyler’s wedding invitation suite. Theon v.2 was the inspiration, and a blind embossed border was added to the invitation card. Olive letterpress on ivory was used throughout, the perfect color compliment to the barn wedding. Our Camber liner in olive completed the suite, adding a rustic touch.

letterpress ink: olive | embossing: blind | paper: bella cotton ivory 2ply + 1ply | fonts: slight script + didot | envelope liner: camber pattern in olive on ivory | envelope: bella cotton ivory pointed flap | customization #66269

Red and Gold Floridian Holiday Cards

We worked with our friends at Arabesque of Naples to create these custom holiday cards. We combined crisp gold matte foil and deep red letterpress to create a modern festive card. The gold matte was foil stamped in the pearse design for the envelope liner, to tie the pieces together.

letterpress ink: deep red | foil stamping: gold matte | paper: bella light gray | fonts: ms claudy regular + adobe garamond pro | envelope liner: pearse pattern in gold matte on light gray | envelope: bella cotton white square flap | customization #64769

Letterpressed + Embossed Wedding Invitations with Khaki accents

Our friends at Oliver’s Twist worked with Greer and Jason to bring their wedding invitation suite to life. Our Euphrasia suite and embossed monogram was the inspiration. We updated the design with an embossed border and khaki details thorough. A knocked out white monogram with black letterpress accents on the reply card mimics the monogram on the invite. The suite is completed by our botanical Hazel pattern in khaki.

letterpress ink: black | embossing: blind | digital ink: khaki | paper: bella smooth cotton white 2ply + 1ply | fonts: addington + bellissima + faroe | envelope liner: hazel pattern in khaki on white | envelope: bella black square flap outer | customization #64685

Bella Figura Holiday 2023 Collection + Promotions

The year is flying by, and we’re excited to introduce our 2023 Holiday collection! This release features 35 brand-new holiday designs. It showcases our new velvet paper, colorful papers, silk ribbons, new patterns and motifs, die-cut shapes, digital addressing, handmade papers, and more. Check out some of our favorites below!

Bella Figura Holiday 2023 Promotions:

● All holiday orders approved for production between now and October 31 will receive a 15% discount.
● All holiday orders approved for production between now and December 14 will receive free envelope addressing.
● All holiday orders approved for production between November 1 and December 14 will receive complementary Yellow rush service.

Woodland Mitzvah Invitations

We worked with our friends at Write Occasion to bring Eliana’s woodland themed Mitzvah invitations to life. We created a two color invitation border using the botanical pattern from our Augusta sample. The woodland theme was continued on the details card via debossed woodgrain pattern. The woodgrain appears again on the foil stamped liner. Jute paper accents are the perfect touch to add color variety while true to the theme.

letterpress inks: vine + blind deboss | foil stamping: meadow shine + cedar shine | paper: bella cotton ivory 2ply + 1ply + bella jute 1ply | fonts: bell mt + at sackers gothic + bickham script | envelope liner: natural woodgrain pattern in cedar shine | envelopes: bella ivory square flap + bella jute square flap | customization #65856

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