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Can I change the font of a design and/or increase the font size on an invitation?

Yes! That’s part of the design customization that we love to do for you, and there is no charge for this type of design work. All of our designs allow you to choose a different font from our Bella Font Library, increase or decrease the size of the fonts, and even change the size and positioning of illustrations, too. Our font library contains over 50 of our favorite letterpress typefaces, and we’re certain that you’ll find one or two that you’ll love. If you’re looking for something truly unique, we offer hand calligraphy accents for lines of text that deserve additional attention (like the names of the bride and groom!). There is an additional cost for these calligraphy accents (but we think its well worth it). We have several different calligraphy styles to choose from, too – from traditional to modern to whimsical.

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