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Envelope Liners

We have many ways to line the inside of your envelopes. We create lined envelopes by hand from thin sheets of paper inserted and adhered to each envelope. They are customizable as explained below.

If you line your mailing envelope, please keep in mind that your recipients will likely tear the lining when opening the envelope. For that reason, you might want to consider lining an inner envelope that mails inside an unlined outer envelope. The inner envelope doesn’t seal, so guests can better appreciate the lining inside.

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Foil Stamped Liners

Foil liners are available in any of our foil stamping colors.  For additional color, we can also stamp foil patterns on top of Digital Liners or Color Paper Liners.

Changes to size or position of existing foil patterns are available for an additional cost. This is also true of custom foil liner designs made from scratch. 

Digital Liners

Our custom envelope liners help bring color and sophistication to our letterpress wedding invitations. Liners are digitally printed just for you on 100% cotton, acid-free paper. We offer patterns in 1, 2, and 3 colors and more. Choose a pattern, choose your colors, and create something totally perfect and unique. Feel free to also change the size and orientation of the design shown. Add monograms, the date of the wedding, your names, or your favorite quote to any of our digitally printed liners. There is no additional charge for modifying the design or colors of our digital liners. 

We can also create a custom pattern if you don’t find one within our examples. For an additional fee, we can create something totally from scratch or we can use artwork or photos you supply. Contact us for pricing.

A word about color: we digitally print our liners on digital presses, so our liner colors, while close, will not be exact matches to our letterpress inks. If this concerns you, we are full of ideas—please contact us and let’s talk!

Cityscape &  map liners

Turn a cityscape or map of your wedding location (or any location!) into a custom envelope liner. These liners are available in any of our digital inks. 

Need a different city or have a different map style in mind? We’ll work with you to create a custom map liner after a quick design consultation. Custom destination liners require an extra design charge, as well as an extra 3 days in design. 

Vintage Print liners

Add a touch of romantic nostalgia to your invitation suite with one of our vintage print patterns. These patterns can even be digitally printed on a pocketfold or as a subtle backdrop for your invitation (as seen on the Maravilla design). Keep in mind the colors on these patterns cannot be changed, although we can print them with more or less opacity in order to change the lightness or darkness of the image.

Color Paper and Metallic Liners

Our color paper and metallic envelope liners are pretty, and FSC-certified—they’ll create the perfect balance of color, shine and sophistication for your unique wedding invitations. We can foil stamp and digitally print on them, too!

  • Metallic Lapis text

  • Metallic Onyx text

  • Metallic Silver text

  • Metallic Crystal text

  • Metallic Opal text

  • Metallic Sand text

  • Metallic Copper text

  • Metallic Bronze text

  • Metallic Flame text

  • Metallic Red text

  • Metallic Azalea text

  • Metallic Rose Quartz text

  • Metallic Seashell text

  • Metallic Kunzite text

  • Metallic Merlot text

  • Metallic Arctic Blue text

  • Metallic Vista text

  • Metallic Glacier text

  • Metallic Fairway text

Design tips for creating great envelope liners

  • We can add text to your liner for no additional charge. Add monograms, the date of the wedding, the bride & groom’s names, or your favorite quote to any of our digitally printed liners. 
  • We can create a custom pattern for you if you’re not finding the pattern that you’re looking for. A design inspired liner can be created using elements from your wedding invitation design at no additional charge. For an additional fee we can create something totally from scratch, or we can use artwork you supply. Contact us for pricing. 
  • Get a free design consultation after you’ve placed your order. You’ll have a chance to talk to our designers about all of your invitation choices, so if you’re not sure what patterns and ink colors to pair up for your invitation design, don’t worry! (if you need help now, just ask!).
  • See inspiring examples of great envelope liners for wedding invitations from our favorite customer jobs—our blog is updated all the time!