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Thank you notes + social stationery

Thank you notes + social stationery

Our thank you notes and social stationery can be folded or flat, and typically include your name or monogram. View more on our blog

Why create custom wedding thank you notes?

Wedding thank you notes traditionally have the names of both the bride and groom on them, but you may want to order extra, as you’ll be able to use your custom wedding stationery for correspondence and giving thanks for years to come. Once you’ve settled into your married life, remember first anniversary gifts are traditionally paper—so consider custom stationery as a way to commemorate that important first milestone in your marriage. If you’re looking for boxed thank you notes, consider Smock, Bella’s BFF and sister company, who offers a strong line of eco stationery goods, including letterpress thank you cards on bamboo paper.

Wedding thank you note etiquette

Expressing your gratitude for gifts and support before, during and after your wedding can be a daunting task – but one you don’t want to ignore. Handwritten thank you notes (handwritten being key!) that mention the recipient by name and the gift or gesture being referenced should be sent to each and every person from whom you receive a gift.  Though not necessary, sending thank you notes to the vendors that helped make your day special is a thoughtful and much appreciated touch. If the thought of writing 200 thank you notes is overwhelming, plan on completing 10 per day until they are complete – or split them up between the two of you, so that you both have the opportunity to express your thanks in a timely fashion.