Bella Figura

Additional Customizations

Variable data printing

We can personalize your place cards, escort cards, and table cards with your guests’ names or table numbers to coordinate with your wedding suite. Variable printing is digitally printed and can be combined with letterpress and foil stamping. We’ll send you a template with a helpful how-to guide for you to fill out with your guests’ details and you’ll see a digital proof of the design before we print.


You can match your invitation or other reception pieces with a beautifully printed program. The program can either be a standalone panel or the cover to a small booklet. We can even print your program’s interior pages and assemble with ribbon.

Ribbons and Threads

We offer a selection of soft and elegant 100% silk ribbons and eyecatching metallic threads to add to your pieces. Our ribbons are hand-dyed in a variety of colors and measure 1.25 inches wide. Ribbons can tie program covers to program inserts. Ribbons and threads can tie through a hole to allow hanging of your cards. Or, ribbons and threads can wrap your invitations as a purely decorative element. Would you like to see what our wedding programs look like?

Silk Ribbon

  • Antique Gold

  • Black

  • Blackened Pearl

  • Blue Gray

  • Burgundy

  • Charcoal

  • Chocolate

  • Dark Lavender

  • Gargoyle

  • Green

  • Ivory Buttercream

  • Jadeite

  • Light Blue

  • Mother of Pearl

  • Navy

  • Rainforest

  • Red

  • Rose Quartz

  • Taupe

  • Woodrose

Metallic Thread

  • Metallic Bronze

  • Metallic Copper

  • Metallic Gold

  • Metallic Hunter Green

  • Metallic Red

  • Metallic Rose Gold

  • Metallic Silver

  • Metallic Tawny


Overlays are translucent vellum sheets that can be paired with any flat card. You can fold them around the card, as with a gatefold wrap, or attach the overlay with a grommet.

If you want printing on the overlay, vellum is compatible with digital printing and foil stamping. Other (non-translucent) text-weight papers can be substituted.

Hole Drilling & Grommeting

We can drill a 0.25-inch diameter hole anywhere on the face of your cards. We can optionally add a silver or gold grommet into the hole, which can also hold multiple cards together (as with Overlays).

Duplexing & Triplexing

With duplexing (and triplexing), we glue two (or three) sheets together to make a single, thicker board. This is how we make 2-ply and 3-ply boards. Our glue is archival and permanently seals the paper together into a single board.