Go ahead and change the size on any of our letterpress designs! Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Double envelopes (inner and outer) are available in our standard invitation sizes: the F-8 (elegantly oversized and exclusive to us); the classic A-7; and the modern oversized SQ-7 square.
  • Additional postage is required for the F-8 letterpress invitation (considered oversized) and any size square envelopes: check with your post office for exact postage rates!
  • Our exclusive white and ivory cotton envelopes are available in all our envelope sizes; colored envelopes are available in all sizes except the square and place card size for now.
  • Size does affect price. So if you need to keep cost down, consider a smaller size card—for instance, print your save the date on a A-5 (4.875 x 3.5) instead of a A-6 (4.625 x 6.25).
Sizes of Bella Figura Letterpress Invitations
Sizes of Bella Figura Envelopes