Fonts on any of our letterpress invitations may change at your beck and call, so make our invitations your own! We’ve assembled an awesome wedding font library for you, choosing unique fonts from around the world, from every era. Changing fonts is a free customization! (If you’re a calligraphy lover, you may want to check out our custom calligraphy styles as well).

Design tips and ideas for wedding fonts

  • Want to see these stunning fonts side by side? Download this PDF of all of our fonts.
  • Use as many fonts as you’d like on your wedding invitations. Even if your chosen sample design uses only 1 font, you don’t need to hold back. You can use 2 fonts in that design, or 3 fonts if you’d like.
  • Want to see a font’s entire alphabet? Find your favorite font on the page below. Click on the name of the font. A window will appear showing the font alphabet and a sample invitation layout. Want to print out all of the fonts so you can see them side by side? 
  • Not sure where to begin? We offer free design consultations after you place your order, where you’ll have a chance to talk to our designers about all of your invitation choices (or if you need help now, just ask!).
  • Want some more font ideas for your wedding invitations? See our blog, where our designers use their favorite fonts to create inspired wedding invitation customizations.