Foil stamping is also known as "foil embossing" or "hot foil stamping"—it’s all the same thing, and this prized printing method allows us to create really breathtaking gold wedding invitations, or silver wedding invitations, or whatever shine your heart desires. We love foil because it gives great solid coverage, and now we can incorporate true metallics into our custom invitation printing—and we also appreciate how foil stamping draws on some history too, such as the old tradition of adorning books with lavish gold accents. That said, this isn’t your great-grandmother’s foil stamping: mix letterpress and foil stamping in a single design; print your invitation in soft colored foils (tawny! frost! pearl!); or go two tone, mixing a gold matte foil with a gold shine foil for a truly wowing look. Our foil stamping gives a great impression into the paper, just like our letterpress printing. Foil stamped invitations can be recycled like any paper, though we bet your guests may hang onto theirs as keepsakes. If you’re dreaming of gold wedding invitations, foil stamping may be your perfect match.

We can print any of our wedding invitation designs in letterpress or foil stamping. Both methods are done right here in our Syracuse, New York print shop on our vintage presses. We approach all our printing with love, devotion, and enormously high standards. You can choose to print your invitation in both foil and letterpress; you can print your invitations totally in foil; you can create an all letterpress wedding invitation, it’s totally up to you. Note that foil stamping is a more expensive printing method than letterpress (though it’s worth it, trust us!), and the foil printing process doesn’t allow for rush turnarounds.