(water based, non-VOC)

Edge painting has a rich history in letterpress—for centuries, master bookbinders gilded the edges of books with gold, to show a preciousness. So now this modern spin: we hand-paint the outside edges of our cotton paper to highlight an existing color in your letterpress invitations or to introduce an entirely new color. Think subdued invitation with neon edging, or bright wedding invite with elegant edging, or black letterpress with classic gold edging (wow). Edge in any letterpress ink color we offer, plus metallic gold, metallic silver, and metallic bronze. There is an additional charge for this customization. Custom colors are also available for an additional cost. Please note that we don’t recommend edge painting reply postcards, and are unable to edge paint folded pieces and our coasters. For more edging options, check out our foil edging.

Design tips for edge painting

  • The difference between edge painting and foil edging. We do offer edge painting in metallic gold, metallic silver, and metallic bronze. This edge painting has a little gleam to it, but it’s still somewhat subdued and rather matte. If you are looking for something more dramatic, with a shiny metallic gleam to it, consider foil edging. Keep in mind that foil edging is more expensive than edge painting.
  • Edge painting is most visible in medium to dark colors. You’ll see your edge painting better on our 2-ply thicker paper versus our 1-ply paper.
  • See edge painting in action! Check out some great edge painted wedding invitations on our blog.