Each of our letterpress invitation suites has its own wedding postage stamp design—during the design process, we can customize these stamps with your ink colors, fonts, monogram, and so forth, so that even your stamps will be one of a kind. Once you approve your final design proof, we’ll email you a postage stamp file that’s ready to go so that you can order the stamps yourself on Zazzle.com. It’s pretty straightforward, but here are a few guidelines if you need them—and we’re always here to answer any questions that you have!

Guidelines when ordering postage from Zazzle.com with Bella Figura’s custom postage artwork
The most important thing to remember when ordering your stamps—and its very important!—is to NOT alter your image in any way once you are ready to upload the image. Changing the orientation or colors or zooming in or out can drastically effect the quality of the image you will receive on your stamps. We size and prepare the images to print exactly as they are shown on the proof for optimal print quality - changes made to the image can make them blurry, distorted, and not pretty!

When you are ready to order the stamps:

  1. Visit the Zazzle website and click "create postage."
  2. When the Get Started box pops up, select "Make it now."
  3. Begin at "Step 1 Customize It!" by selecting the "Add images..." button.
  4. Next hit the "select images to upload" button, and you will be able to upload the image from your computer.
  5. When you have selected the image, hit the "Ok" button in the lower right hand corner and wait for your image to upload.
  6. You will be directed to the starting page and will see your image formatted as a stamp. Here is where you must avoid altering the image - any changes that may look harmless can actually distort the image in the finished product.
  7. Move on to "Step 2 Choose your denomination and size." Choose your postage rate (make sure you have taken the weight, dimensions, and rigidity of your envelope into consideration!), and be sure to choose MEDIUM size (2.1" x 1.3") since this is what our files will be formatted for.
  8. Now go up toward the top of the page - where it says "Name Your Postage" - and order the number of sheets you need and the "Add to cart" button.
  9. Now "Proceed to Checkout!" And that’s it—your custom stamps will soon be on their way!