We scoured the country to find the most unique calligraphers for our custom letterpress invitations. True and passionate artists, they are dedicated to old craftwork and the creation of beauty. Before fonts, before type, before letterpress printing, there was calligraphy. Calligraphy technology has not changed much the past thousand years—it's still a pen, piece of paper, and a really talented person.

No two letters that a calligrapher draws will ever be identical. We love that. It means each design is as unique as the wedding itself. You choose the calligraphy style that best suits you (and we offer a lot of styles), and then we make our letterpress plates directly from the calligrapher’s artwork. Because calligraphy is done by hand, we’ll need three extra business days for design and there is an additional fee per line. Please take a minute to view our calligraphy wedding invitations for inspiration, and then look at these examples to determine if you need calligraphy for your envelope addressing.

And would you like to see calligrapher Debi Zeinert in action creating some really beautiful lettering?


Design tips for using calligraphy in your wedding invitations

  • Consider using custom calligraphy as an accent, pairing a calligraphy style you love with a great font to highight specific text in an invitation. Custom calligraphy looks amazing when used for the bride and groom’s names, or the location on a reception card, or a reply by date on the r.s.v.p. card—leaving the rest of the text for a classic serif or modern sans serif font. We charge for custom calligraphy by line, so you can add just 1 or 2 lines if you want to your invitation.
  • Get inspired by some fabulous real life examples of calligraphy wedding invitations on our blog.