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The Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is addressed using titles, first and last names. Titles are abbreviated (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.) while all other words such as “Street,” or “Avenue” are spelled out. Nowadays, the order of whose name goes first doesn’t matter – unless one member of the couple has a higher rank (military, for example) in which case they should be listed first. Both names should be on one line if space allows.

Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Powers
14332 Moyers Boulevard
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87048

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
12 Spruce Ridge Road
Bennington, Vermont 05250

John Lewis and Helena Rawlingson
13345 Walker Parkway
Chicago, Illinois 60007

Miss Sally Peters
7 Locomotive Parkway
San Francisco, California 94102

Mr. Peter Levinson
45 Park Street, Apartment 14B
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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