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I’m inviting 98 couples/families. How many invitations and envelopes should I order?

Keep in mind guest lists have a way of mysteriously expanding. So the decision of how many extras to order really depends, in part, on you and how certain you are of your guest list! If you’re pretty certain that your guest list is set, we recommend ordering an extra 15 invitations. Remember that ordering additional quantities now is much less expensive than having us reprint 10 more invitation sets closer to the wedding date. And remember to order based on the number of families or couples that you’re inviting – not the number of actual people invited to your wedding!

Also, keep in mind calligraphers often need additional envelopes. Even if you’re hand-addressing your invitations yourself, you may want extra envelopes for your own peace of mind. With your order, we include an extra 10% of any addressable envelopes (any envelope that you’ll be printing or addressing). You can order extra envelopes on top of this if you need them.

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