Who we are: a team of 50+ nice people // plus 20+ designers & calligraphers // dozens of cast iron letterpresses // letterpress love fools // ink-in-the-blood printers // a letterpress shop that does stuff to help the planet // housed in a hundred-year-old warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Syracuse // we create heirlooms // this is our passion and our life and our love

Why live here in Syracuse NY: the maples turning into fabulous reds // snow drifts and snowmen and moon-lit snow // feasts of grapes, plums, peaches, nectarines // a grand vibrant farmers’ market // the Finger Lakes wineries // no rush hour no // blueberry season // Cortland apples // our gritty beautiful artist warehouse with crooked floors and much character

What we dream about: heavy antique presses // strong inks // large bodies of calm water // a guy named Gutenberg // a tea house in the Rockies // world peace // 27 hour days // spring // a rich deep impression of type

We will never grow sick of: watching lake effect snow fall // picnic lunches in mountain passes // good typography // rereading Bleak House // calligraphy // toddler hugs // watching our presses do their stuff

What do we love: upstate New York // letterpress // the planet // cast iron // 1950’s well-crafted machinery // a secret waterfall 30 minutes southeast of here // perfection // poetry // nightstands crammed with books // family // businesses that do good // craft traditions // rich inks

What we see outside our shop: overwhelming sunsets // train tracks // a parking lot // the tops of trees // painted brick warehouses // the spires of far away churches // yellow fire hydrants // downtown // crows moving on