Modern Elegance customization of Cascade Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The Cascade letterpress wedding invitation is the perfect match for this timeless bride. A mix of modern shapes for him and soft script for her- think classic elegance with modern flare.

cascade customization = inks: charcoal + chartreuse | fonts: sophia + jubliant | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: antique geometrics | edge painting: wisteria | original design by Kelle Anne McCarter | customized by in-house designer Brenda Fox |
embellishment suggestions: foil stamping : silver matte

modern letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credits: Ashleigh Taylor Photography)

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Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After

Our new collection of letterpress wedding invitations has arrived, and we’ve introduced 83 new invitation designs (plus metallics: foil stamping, foil edging and lots of other cool new embellishments!) for the 2012 wedding season. Since everything at Bella Figura is completely customizable, we thought we’d show you a ‘before and after’ look at some of our favorite new invitation designs to show how a change of color, fonts, and design placement can completely transform an invitation design.

First up: the La Salle invitation design by Ian Koenig. The original design is soft and romantic in camel + pewter inks, and features three fonts, but takes on a completely regal look with new inks (regalia and charcoal), corner rounding, and new fonts: Vessa + Jubilant.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look gorgeous with a European formal patterned envelope liner in regalia ink and a coordinating custom postage stamp.
Details: letterpress inks: regalia + charcoal | fonts: vessa + jubilant | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: f-8 | corner rounding

A before and after look at one of Bella Figura's new 2012 letterpress invitation designs, La Salle

Next up: Rustic Jolene – an earthy design with a folk-art feel – is completely transformed with a drastic (but gorgeous) change in design placement. Prussian blue and cornflower blue inks create a stunning two-tone effect, and the square size, corner rounding, and sophisticated fonts complete the look.
Suggested embellishments:
a white cotton pocketfold with a monogram letterpress printed in Prussian blue would add a nice finishing touch, along with an envelope liner in our woodstock pattern in cornflower + Prussian blue inks.
Details: letterpress inks: prussian blue + cornflower blue | fonts: daisy + moravia | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: sq-7 | corner rounding

A before and after look at Bella Figura's letterpress invitation design, Rustic Jolene

Rococo Elegance, created by Beth Barr, one of our new designers for 2012, takes on a more floral feel in this elegant customization. Hand calligraphy accents and ivory paper give the design a soft, romantic feel.
Suggested embellishments:
keep it simple with a European formal patterned envelope liner in taupe ink.
Details: letterpress inks: light peach + taupe | font: botany | paper: bella cotton ivory 1-ply | size: f-8 | hand calligraphy accents: spencerian style | corner rounding

A before and after customization look at the Bella Figura letterpress invitation Rococo Elegance

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7 Ways to Make Your Invitations Eco-Friendly

Let’s face it, the wedding industry produces a lot of one-hit wonders. It is extremely important to us here at Bella Figura to encourage sustainability as we practice eco-friendly letterpress printing (and living!). That’s why we use tree-free papers, low VOC inks, and FSC certified papers (and we also support these amazing environmental causes). If you are wondering how to make your letterpress or foil stamped invitations even more eco-friendly we have some tried and true tricks of the trade to reduce waste without compromising on style!

1. Use a postcard!
Think about using reply postcards or even Save the Date postcards! This cuts down on the amount of paper (envelopes) and also keeps the costs lower!

Letterpress reply postcards from Bella Figura are an eco-friendly and economical choice as they are more cost efficient and create less paper waste than a traditional reply card with envelope.

2. Condense Information.
There are a lot of activities and information that go into a wedding celebration! From accommodations, directions, rehearsal dinners and reply cards, you can choose to create a wedding website that hosts all the important details! You can include the url on your invitations, or create 1 separate card (think website cards!) explaining that the website is the place for all the wedding details. If you’re determined to get it all on paper, choose 1 insert card as opposed to several and print on both sides if you have lots of details to include.

This letterpress wedding invitation from Bella Figura features the Hendrix 2 design and has reply information printed on the bottomo of the invitation to cut down on paper waste.

Website cards are a great way to cut down on paper waste while still providing vital information to guests

3. Don’t double up.
Skip the formalities and just use 1 outer envelope vs. an inner envelope and an outer envelope combination. The inner envelope is meant to specify exactly who’s invited. It is completely acceptable to choose just 1 envelope (which is more eco-friendly). If you’re concerned about extra guests, you can always designate the number of guests on the reply card or reply postcard by adding an extra line that states “We have reserved __ seats in your honor”, then fill in the number accordingly.

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Festive customization of our Love Notes letterpress wedding invitation

This customization of our Love Notes (by Kamal) letterpress wedding invitation design has us in the mood to celebrate! For an even more festive look, replace the cherry ink and edge paint with red shine foil.

love notes customization = inks: cherry + silver | fonts: danube | paper: white | invite size: f-8 | liner: elegant ombre in charcoal and white | original design by Kamal | customized by in-house designer Sarah Walroth |

embellishment suggestions: edge painting: cherry ink

festive letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credits: Mark Brooke).

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Edge Painting vs. Foil Edging – How to Choose?

Edge painting and foil edging are centuries old, but here at Bella Figura we are keeping this timeless practice alive! We offer both edge painting and foil edging as embellishment options for our letterpress invitations. Want to customize your invitations by adding an edging but not sure which option to choose? We know that the process of choosing embellishments may seem a little overwhelming (especially since we’ve added a lot to our list of options for 2012), so today we’re here to tell you about the differences between edge painting and foil edging, and we’ll help you determine which embellishment will work best for you.

Bella Figura has added foil edging as a new embellishment option for 2012 -- this post will help you figure out how to choose

First here are a few thing to ask yourself:

1. Do you want a sleek, metallic shine or a reflective edge?
2. Are you using foil stamping in your suite?
3. Do you want to use an accent color outside of our letterpress inks?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then foil edging may be the perfect choice!

Foil edging is a fabulous new embellishment option available at Bella Figura, and adds a metallic sheen to the edge of any letterpress invitation

We are completely in love with foil edging, and thrilled that we can offer this option! Shiny metallics will be really popular for weddings in 2012, so if you are looking for a trendy new way to enhance your invitations this may be the perfect fit for you. We have 12 dazzling new foil colors that are all stunning (ranging from more traditional silver, gold & copper colors to more modern teal, fuchsia & indigo). Foil edging leaves a shiny edge that we think is breathtaking. If you can’t fit foil stamped invitations into your budget but still want a special hint of shine, you can add foil edging!


1. Do you want a bright pop of color (think neons), or are you ordering a custom ink* color and want a cohesive suite? *Custom inks are an additional charge.
2. Do you want a matte finish?
3. Are you trying to keep costs down?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then edge painting may be the perfect choice!

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Top 2012 Wedding Trends: Neon Letterpress

The neon trend will continue to thrive in full force in 2012, so we’ve added some amazing new neon ink colors to our collection! Make a bold statement by printing your letterpress invitations in a vibrant neon color, or consider edge painting on your stationery in a bright color to add an extra wow-factor. Read on to see our favorite new neon inks & designs, and check out our tips for how you can pull in pops of neon throughout your wedding day!

Hot off the press & letterpress printed in hot pink ink (clockwise from top left): New Horizon, a modern new design from Tara Hogan; hot pink edge painting on the trendy New Washi invitation design by Kamal; grand old English styled hand calligraphed lettering is printed in hot pink in the Royal Calligraphy design by Debi Zeinert; the New Washi invitation design from Kamal, letterpress printed in hot pink ink and foil stamped in gold shine.

Hot pink neon ink is a new letterpress ink offering from Bella Figura for 2012

Lime-aid (an electric, lime-colored letterpress ink) adds a gorgeous hint of green to the Tapestry invitation by Tara Hogan (and looks stunning when printed alongside taupe ink); lime-aid ink looks extra-modern when paired with black ink and modern fonts in the Architect design by Erin Jang.

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A Vintage Christmas Letterpress Wedding Invitation

May your days be merry and bright! Step back in time to the Christmases of yesteryear to find inspiration for your winter wedding. Muted reds, greens and taupes create such a warm and inviting palette. Use these colors on vintage letterpress invitation designs, such as Harlow, by Jessica Tierney, to bring the magic of the holiday season to life!

harlow customization = inks: papaya + olive | fonts: billhead + archive  | paper: ivory | invite size: f-8 | liner: european formal in hazel |  original design by Jessica Tierney | customized by in-house designer Lindsy Aragona

christmas inspired letterpress wedding invitation ideas(photo credits: Better Homes and Gardens)

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Mimosa letterpress wedding invitations en français

Letterpressed in a sophisticated duet of Wine and Espresso inks, this version of Amy Graham Stigler‘s Mimosa design has an exquisitely lush and warm feel – perfect for a tropical wedding in the French West Indies.

inks: espresso + wine | paper: 1-ply white | invitation size: a7 | client coordinator: chris gannon

bilingual letterpress wedding invitations

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Holiday-inspired Florian Script customization

This holiday-inspired customization of our Florian Script letterpress wedding invitation is perfect for a formal, contemporary wedding.  The pale, warm ink colors are balanced by festive cardinal edge paint, which sets the mood for an elegant evening event and has us dreaming of snow!

florian script customization = inks: shell + french vanilla | fonts: sakura + utrecht | paper: ivory | invite size: f-8 | liner: elegant chainlink pattern in espresso ink |  original design by Jessica Tierney | customized by in-house designer Sarah Walroth

embellishment suggestions: edge painting: cardinal

holiday inspired classic letterpress wedding invitations

(Photo Credits: Kio Kreations)

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Snowy Elegance Jolie Letterpress Inspiration

A little bit of elegance and charm shines in our Jolie letterpress invitations. Royal color tones make this design perfect for that sophisticated snowy holiday event.

jolie customization = inks: prussian blue + antique gold | font: rimini | paper: ivory | invite size: f-8 | liner: european formal pattern in charcoal | original design by aimee o’boyle | customized by in-house designer racheal decker |

embellishment suggestions: pocketfold in opal

Jolie Letterpress Customization

(Photo Credits: Sloan Photography)

by Racheal Decker, In-House Designer.

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