Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After

Our new collection of letterpress wedding invitations has arrived, and we’ve introduced 83 new invitation designs (plus metallics: foil stamping, foil edging and lots of other cool new embellishments!) for the 2012 wedding season. Since everything at Bella Figura is completely customizable, we thought we’d show you a ‘before and after’ look at some of our favorite new invitation designs to show how a change of color, fonts, and design placement can completely transform an invitation design.

First up: the La Salle invitation design by Ian Koenig. The original design is soft and romantic in camel + pewter inks, and features three fonts, but takes on a completely regal look with new inks (regalia and charcoal), corner rounding, and new fonts: Vessa + Jubilant.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look gorgeous with a European formal patterned envelope liner in regalia ink and a coordinating custom postage stamp.
Details: letterpress inks: regalia + charcoal | fonts: vessa + jubilant | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: f-8 | corner rounding

A before and after look at one of Bella Figura's new 2012 letterpress invitation designs, La Salle

Next up: Rustic Jolene – an earthy design with a folk-art feel – is completely transformed with a drastic (but gorgeous) change in design placement. Prussian blue and cornflower blue inks create a stunning two-tone effect, and the square size, corner rounding, and sophisticated fonts complete the look.
Suggested embellishments:
a white cotton pocketfold with a monogram letterpress printed in Prussian blue would add a nice finishing touch, along with an envelope liner in our woodstock pattern in cornflower + Prussian blue inks.
Details: letterpress inks: prussian blue + cornflower blue | fonts: daisy + moravia | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: sq-7 | corner rounding

A before and after look at Bella Figura's letterpress invitation design, Rustic Jolene

Rococo Elegance, created by Beth Barr, one of our new designers for 2012, takes on a more floral feel in this elegant customization. Hand calligraphy accents and ivory paper give the design a soft, romantic feel.
Suggested embellishments:
keep it simple with a European formal patterned envelope liner in taupe ink.
Details: letterpress inks: light peach + taupe | font: botany | paper: bella cotton ivory 1-ply | size: f-8 | hand calligraphy accents: spencerian style | corner rounding

A before and after customization look at the Bella Figura letterpress invitation Rococo Elegance

Modern Fete – a fun new design by Amy Graham Stigler – takes on a completely different look in this customization: the design goes from festive to fancy, and we think the combination of amethyst ink with gold shine foil stamping would be absolutely gorgeous.
Suggested embellishments: a bullion metallic envelope liner will coordinate perfectly with the gold shine foil stamping, and a matching postage stamp will complete the look.
Details: letterpress inks: amethyst | foil stamping: gold shine | fonts: adelais | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: f-8 | corner rounding

A before and after look at Bella Figura's Modern Fete design by Amy Graham Stigler

Antique Luck by Aimee O’Boyle has a rustic feel and fantastic typography, but takes on a minimal look with a clean font and a line of hand calligraphy by Maybelle.
Suggested embellishments:
an envelop liner in our simple chess pattern, printed in hazel ink would coordinate beautifully with this invitation, and hand calligraphed envelopes in the Gigi style by May-belle would be a lovely finishing touch.
Details: letterpress inks: hazel + black | font: moravia | paper: bella cotton white 1-ply | size: sq-7 | hand calligraphy accents: gigi style

A minimalist customization of Bella Figura's Antique Luck design by Aimee O'Boyle