Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After, Part 2

Last week we showed you a look at some of our new 2012 letterpress invitation designs before and after they were customized, and this week we’re back with more design transformations! We’ve redone 5 of our favorite new modern invitation designs to show you just how much different an invitation can look with a color change, new fonts, and some design adjustments.

Neo Luna by Ian Koenig is charming and simple in the original design, but takes on a bolder look with a font change, added color and silver shine foil stamping.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look stunning with surf edge painting and a colorful envelope liner in the sea stripes pattern, printed in surf, marigold and mesa inks.
Details: letterpress ink: surf | foil stamping: silver shine | fonts: ollie + swiss | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 | rounded corners

A before & after look at one of Bella Figura's 2012 designs, Neo Luna

The Drawing Room design by in-house designer Sarah Walroth features fresh new fonts and a custom pocket-fold, but takes on a more whimsical look after a bit of customizing. We love this design as a square invitation with corner rounding, along with a playful font and fuchsia ink for the names.
Suggested embellishments: A white cotton pocketfold, letterpress printed with prussian blue ink and a blue pearl metallic envelope liner would add the perfect amount of shine to this pretty invitation set.
Details: letterpress inks: fuchsia + prussian blue | fonts: saint-andrew + lady rene | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: sq-7 for pocketfold | pocketfold: white,  letterpressed in prussian blue ink

A before & after look at Drawing Room, one of Sarah Walroth's new designs for Bella Figura for 2012

Ellie Snow designed the Classic Chevron invitation, which features on-trend chevron patterning, two lines of Belle hand calligraphy, and pretty sea-side and jade letterpress inks. The switch of jade ink to mustard and the repositioning of the chevron pattern gives this design customization a retro feel with a modern twist.
Suggested embellishments: A pretty custom postage stamp along with a custom envelope liner featuring the sweet polka pattern in mustard + sea-side inks would be lovely accents for this wedding invitation.
Details: letterpress inks: mustard + sea-side | fonts: sans capitals + hollow | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 A before and after look at Classic Chevron, one of Bella Figura's new designs for 2012

Kamal’s New Washi design goes from playful to sophisticated with a few simple changes: new ink colors give the invite a more subtle, formal look (and the all-over positioning of the washi pattern in cream provides an elegant, patterned effect) and the use of hand calligraphy makes for a romantic touch.
Suggested embellishments: We think a metallic bronze envelope liner along with hand calligraphy addressing by Maybelle would tie this set together beautifully.
Details: letterpress inks: cream + espresso | fonts: henry | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 | rounded corners | hand calligraphy accents: gigi style

A before and after look at the new Bella Figura design "New Washi" by Kamal, an invitation design based on washi tape.

Indie Twill, a new design by Jamie Lea Bertsch, is a modern invitation which features a subtle, textile-inspired pattern. The invitation takes on a new look when the size and design placement are switched up. Pale gray and black inks make the original design a bit formal, but olive and sea mist inks make this design perfect for a more laid-back affair.
Suggested embellishments: An envelope liner in our elegant ombre pattern printed in sea mist ink would complement these invitations beautifully.
Details: letterpress inks: olive + sea mist | fonts: ruby + hollow | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8

A before & after look at the Bella Figura design Indie Twill, new for 2012