Edge Painting vs. Foil Edging – How to Choose?

Edge painting and foil edging are centuries old, but here at Bella Figura we are keeping this timeless practice alive! We offer both edge painting and foil edging as embellishment options for our letterpress invitations. Want to customize your invitations by adding an edging but not sure which option to choose? We know that the process of choosing embellishments may seem a little overwhelming (especially since we’ve added a lot to our list of options for 2012), so today we’re here to tell you about the differences between edge painting and foil edging, and we’ll help you determine which embellishment will work best for you.

Bella Figura has added foil edging as a new embellishment option for 2012 -- this post will help you figure out how to choose

First here are a few thing to ask yourself:

1. Do you want a sleek, metallic shine or a reflective edge?
2. Are you using foil stamping in your suite?
3. Do you want to use an accent color outside of our letterpress inks?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then foil edging may be the perfect choice!

Foil edging is a fabulous new embellishment option available at Bella Figura, and adds a metallic sheen to the edge of any letterpress invitation

We are completely in love with foil edging, and thrilled that we can offer this option! Shiny metallics will be really popular for weddings in 2012, so if you are looking for a trendy new way to enhance your invitations this may be the perfect fit for you. We have 12 dazzling new foil colors that are all stunning (ranging from more traditional silver, gold & copper colors to more modern teal, fuchsia & indigo). Foil edging leaves a shiny edge that we think is breathtaking. If you can’t fit foil stamped invitations into your budget but still want a special hint of shine, you can add foil edging!


1. Do you want a bright pop of color (think neons), or are you ordering a custom ink* color and want a cohesive suite? *Custom inks are an additional charge.
2. Do you want a matte finish?
3. Are you trying to keep costs down?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then edge painting may be the perfect choice!

Edge painting is an embellishment option available to add an extra burst of color to Bella Figura's letterpress wedding invitations & stationery.

Edge painting is directly associated with our letterpress inks – we can edge paint in any of our ink colors! If you don’t see an ink color that you truly love, we can create a custom ink color for your letterpress invitations for $85 and edge paint in the same color to match! We do offer 3 metallic inks – gold, silver, and bronze – but the finishes have more of a matte look instead of a shine. Neon inks are a super popular option as well, and will continue to be a big wedding trend in 2012. Besides the addition of foil edging and new neon inks, we’ve also added some gorgeous new jewel tone ink colors to our collection – so if you are looking for an extra pop of color, edge painting is the perfect choice. Edge painting is also more affordable than foil edging, so if you are on a budget but still want an edge, edge painting is the way to go!

Nothing can compare to seeing these embellishments in person. You can always order samples or visit one of our wonderful dealers! Here are some designs that feature edge painting, and here are some that have foil edging!