Letterpress on a budget! 15 Invitations under $1,500!

Are you looking for affordable letterpress wedding invitations? Look no further – our invitation designs can be customized to fit within a budget. Not sure where to start? We selected 15 of our new 2012 letterpress invitation designs and provided pricing for 3 popular quantity tiers. Find out which price point will work for you depending on how many invitations you’ll need. Keep in mind, 75 invitations traditionally leads to 150 guests, 125=250 guests, and so on!

Pricing ideas from Bella Figura for an order of 75 letterpress invitations for under $1500

In love with Vintage Charm? Why not order invitations that are 1 color letterpress printed on 1-ply paper with edge painting in one of your favorite ink colors? You can include reply postcards that are 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper with outer envelopes (letterpress printed with your return address in 1 color and lined) for $1,335.

If your wedding won’t be complete without the La Salle design, you can order invitations and reply cards both in 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper, along with 1 color printed outer envelopes  and reply envelopes for only $1,045.

Our Gotham design is modern and refined. You can keep the invitation looking sleek by letterpress printing it in 2 colors on our 1-ply paper but make the rest of the set 1 color: choose a 1 color, 1-ply reply card, outer envelopes and reply envelopes (both printed in 1 color letterpress) for a total of $1,180.

If you are looking to mix letterpress and foil stamping but you are on a budget, try this option! Order our Amadore Antique invitations with 1 color letterpress and 1 color foil on 1-ply paper, and then add foil edging! It gets better – a website card that can direct your guests to rsvp via email or your wedding website printed in 1 color foil, on 1-ply cotton paper will eliminate the need for a reply envelope (and extra postage!), so you’ll only need outer envelopes with 1 color letterpress printing. This set rings in at just $1,310.

Are calligraphy wedding invitations one of your “must-haves”? Pick one of our newest calligrapher’s Mitty Calligraphy design! Order invitations in 1 color letterpress, on our luxuriously thick 2-ply paper. Choose an A6 sized direction card that includes wedding details and a website for an electronic rsvp that is 1 color letterpress and opt for 1-ply paper. Lastly, choose outer envelopes that are both letterpress printed in 1 color and embellished with a chic envelope liner for only $1,435.

5 ways to order 125 letterpress invitations for under $1500 from Bella FIgura

For a modern, trendy look choose our Classic Chevron invitation. Select invitations that are letterpress printed in 2 inks on our 2-ply cotton paper, and keep the rest of the suite streamlined with a 1 color, 1-ply paper reply postcard and 1 color outer envelopes. $1,490.

Our Santa Fe invitation is trendy and elegant, so why not order invitations that are 2 color letterpress on 1-ply paper to show off the fantastic design elements? Add a 1-color reply card (on 1-ply paper) and don’t forget envelopes! Select outer + reply envelopes in 1 color letterpress to complete the set, and your grand total will be $1,390.

Love calligraphy? Our gorgeous Hayes Calligraphy is breathtaking. Order invitations and reply cards in 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper, and select 1 color letterpress outer & reply envelopes to complete the traditional look for just $1,415.

Make a bold choice with our Bold Stripe design. Pick invitations that are 1 color letterpress on 1-ply paper. Go with an A6 sized information card that includes a website, accommodation information and RSVP details and have it printed in 1 color letterpress on our 1-ply cotton paper. Get your envelopes letterpress printed in 1 color, and your suite will total up to just $1205.

The Traditional Script design is a definite show stopper: it shows off both letterpress + foil for a design that is formal yet unique. Mix and match invitations in 1 color letterpress and 1 color foil on 1-ply paper. Use a website card that is 1 color letterpress, on 1-ply paper and make the outer envelopes shine in 1 color foil. Yes you can fit foil and letterpress into your budget for only $1,315.

Bella Figura's tips for making 175 invitation sets fit into your budget of $1500 and under

Simplify our Divya Formal and make it a 1 color foil invitation with a 1 color letterpress website card. Print everything on 1-ply paper and have your outer envelopes letterpressed in 1 color for only $1,315.

Our stunning Revival Calligraphy can be made a reality by choosing invitations and reply cards in 1 color letterpress on our soft, 1-ply cotton paper. Have your outer envelopes letterpress printed in 1 color and your set will total up to $1,340.

Make a statement with our Byzantine design. Select invitations and reply postcards in 1 color letterpress, and have your pieces printed on our 1-ply paper. Round off the set with outer envelopes in 1 color for $1,390.

Our edgy Fugue design is not for the faint of heart. If you want a design that packs a punch then this is the design for you! Choose invitations that are foil stamped in 2 colors for maximum contrast on our 1-ply paper. Seal the deal with outer envelopes foil stamped in 1 color for $1,350.

Looking for whimsical and romantic inspiration for a rustic wedding? Search no more! Our Rustic Lookout would be perfect as a 2 color letterpress invitation on 1-ply paper with lined and printed in 1 color letterpress outer envelopes. $1,415.

Interested in more info on pricing? You can download our current pricing here. If you have any pricing questions we would love to help you out!  Chat during business hours, email anytime, or call.