What a thrill to be able to chat with our dealer Nikisha, founder of Nikisha King Design House, about founding and growing her business, creating memorable moments for clients and more. Below she discusses the personal growth that sparked her journey, and what truly sets Nikisha King Design House apart.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your studio came to be? What was your inspiration?

Hey there, I’m Nikisha King—a Joy Creator, Business Development Guru, and the Founder of Nikisha King Design House (NK Design House).

I firmly believe that you should run your business—your business shouldn’t run you.

But for many of the creative entrepreneurs I talk to, this isn’t the case.

Yes, we get to do what we love, but we’re also up late burning the midnight oil, up early because we have too much on our minds, working through the weekends, missing out on yet another family gathering—without much money or fulfillment to show for it.

Listen, I’ve been on the same hamster wheel myself. In fact, I’d been on it from 2009 to 2018 before I realized how much it was costing me.

But only when I realized that I was standing in my own way was I able to create a business that supports my lifestyle rather than one that drags me down.

My turning point came when I embraced the guidance of seasoned business coaches and invested in personal development. This journey opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of what the Nikisha King Design House brand could be. I saw how a business could not only be successful but also bring immense value and joy to clients.

I was inspired by the idea of creating a business that not only delivers beautiful, modern, and refined designs but also provides exceptional service that transcends trends and becomes a lasting legacy. The joy of creating AHA moments for our clients and knowing that our work helps them celebrate life’s special moments has been incredibly fulfilling.

Moreover, becoming a Certified Life & Business Coach has allowed me to support other creative entrepreneurs in their journeys, helping them unlock their potential and achieve their dreams. The inspiration to uplift and empower others while creating a successful business that aligns with my values is what drives me every day.

Q: What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your job?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is collaborating with some of the most amazing, intelligent, and beautiful humans who help me create lasting AHA moments for our clients. At NK Design House, we design memorable, modern, and refined pieces, featuring personal illustrations that become timeless art for our clients and their guests. Our creations transcend trends, becoming legacy pieces that capture life’s special moments and last forever.

Working with a talented team of diverse, creative, and predominantly women entrepreneurs and artists who share the mission of Nikisha King Design House is truly inspiring. Together, we strive to transform lives through unforgettable AHA moments, blending art and service in a way that is forever rewarding. At NK Design House, we are dedicated to building a brand of integrity, serving our clients to the highest standard, providing transformative AHA moments, and uplifting communities by empowering women.

With a team hailing from different corners of the world, we bring diversity and a deep understanding of our global clients’ needs. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see them choose to partner with us, sharing their love for modern and artistic designs while creating profound AHA moments. As a team, we transform ideas into timeless art that resonates across cultures and leaves a lasting impact. The opportunity to work with such a passionate and talented group of individuals, all committed to our shared vision, makes every day at NK Design House a truly rewarding experience.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of your business?

At NK Design House, we are all about growth and having fun along the way. Looking to the future, I have exciting hopes and aspirations for our business. We’re thrilled to announce a new initiative to partner with some of the top event venues and planners in the industry. Inspired by Will Guidara’s concept of “unreasonable hospitality,” we aim to set a new standard in our design and printing services.

Our goal is to offer an exclusive design and concierge service that provides every client, regardless of budget, with invitations they adore. We believe that everyone deserves beautifully designed, personal invitations that reflect their unique style and special moments.

This innovative plan will culminate in the launch of the Nikisha King Design House Semi-Custom Collection in January 2025, allowing us to serve a broader market in unique and meaningful ways. We envision expanding our reach, delivering exceptional service, and creating unforgettable AHA moments for a diverse range of clients.

Ultimately, my hope for the future of NK Design House is to continue growing while staying true to our values of integrity, creativity, and excellence. I am excited about the opportunities to build lasting partnerships, empower women, and uplift communities through our work. By continually innovating and offering high-touch, personalized services, we aim to make a significant impact in the industry and in the lives of our clients.

Q: What do you think your clients enjoy most about working with you to create their event stationery?

At NK Design House, our clients appreciate our engaging and attentive approach, meticulously tailored to meet their demands. With their busy work lives, taking care of every detail in event planning isn’t an option. That’s where we come in, offering high-touch services that ensure every detail is managed with the quality they expect.

Some of our premium services include:

·      Mailing Concierge: We handle everything from stamping and stuffing to mailing each piece of outgoing save-the-dates and invitations. We even manage returned mail to ensure every guest receives their special invitation. 

·      RSVP Management: Our RSVP service ensures every guest has a seat. For those who don’t respond, we have a unique process to make it easier for them to confirm their attendance.

·      Event and Wedding Websites: We create informational websites for our client’s events, providing guests with all the necessary details at their fingertips, whether on mobile or desktop devices.

Besides our high-touch services, one of our most valuable offerings is our closing calls. We schedule a 15-minute meeting with clients to learn about their experience working with NK Design House. This helps us understand how we can improve and highlights the areas where we excelled. At Nikisha King Design House, creating an AHA moment for our clients is our top priority, and we believe it’s crucial to learn from their experiences to enhance our service for future clients.

We are truly blessed to have clients who trust us not just for paper goods and printing but for white-glove services that match their standards and showcase them through our modern and personalized designs. Our services allow them to focus on what matters most—excelling in their profession and enjoying personal time with loved ones. 

What our clients enjoy most about working with us is the peace of mind that comes from knowing every detail is taken care of, allowing them to focus on the joy and celebration of their special events. They appreciate our dedication to quality, our personalized approach, and the unforgettable moments we help create.