Handmade Paper Invitations with Soft Florals

We worked with our friends at Simply Beautiful Events to help Grace and Philip create their beautiful invitation suite. We paired our handmade white, steel blue, and soft blue papers with chambray, denim and shale letterpress. This created a beautiful soft tonal effect throughout the suite. All the shades of blue and gray were brought together in the customized elegant garden envelope liner.

letterpress inks: chambray + denim + shale | paper: bella handmade white + handmade steel blue + handmade soft blue | fonts: athelas block and compendium script | envelope liner: elegant garden pattern in denim + pastel blue + powder blue + chambray + shale | envelope: bella cotton white pointed flap | customization #67135

Colorful + Modern Mitzvah Invitations with Heart

We worked with Susie of Pink House Productions to create Sarah’s awesome and colorful Mitzvah invitation suite. Our Shayla Mitzvah suite was the starting point, updated with fuchsia, navy and regalia letterpress. To make the the rainbow shine more impactful, a classic color flood creates a show-stopping liner.

letterpress inks: fuchsia + navy + regalia | foil stamping: gold prism shine | paper: bella smooth cotton bright white 2ply + 1ply + bella bright pink 1ply | fonts: kiona + varela round | envelope liner: classic color in rainbow shine | envelope: bella cotton bright white square flap | customization #65866

Custom calligraphed Stationery with beveled + painted edge

While we most often print invitations or holiday cards, we love creating personal stationery too! Nicola worked with our friends at Lee’s Paperie to create this stunning stationery. Calligraphy letterpressed in pool, with a matching beveled edge are stunning against the custom liner. Our vintage lily of the valley pattern pops against a background of sea mist digitally printed at 25% opacity.

letterpress ink: pool | paper: bella smooth cotton bright white 2ply | calligraphy style: willa | envelope liner: lily of the valley pattern in cmyk + sea mist 25% | edge: 45º bevel + edge paint in pool | envelope: bella cotton bright white square flap | customization #66934

Invitation Design Elements: Vellum

Vellum is a unique, semi- translucent paper and is compatible with digital printing and foil stamping. We can score this paper, as well – making it an option for belly bands, overlays, and more.

We can use vellum to create tall or standard height belly bands as seen on our Duval and Ichabod suites

Our Ninette v.2 celebration invitation features a digitally printed gatefold wrap

Vellum can also be used to create overlays- our Ines save the date and Harro details cards feature grommeted overlays

Overlays can alternatively be tied on with ribbon, or metallic thread, like in our Valley suite

Embossed + Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

We worked with our friends at Shindig Paperie in Fayetteville, Arkansas to bring Marissa and Brant’s invitations to life. Our Euphrasia suite is the inspiration, updated with cedar shine foil stamping, and blind embossing. Striking blue envelopes with a foil stamped metallic liner are the perfect backdrop to highlight the subtle sophistication of the cards.

embossing: blind | foil stamping: cedar shine | paper: bella cotton white 2ply + 1ply | fonts: addington cf regular + italic, slight regular, faroe thin | envelope liner: euphrasia pattern in cedar shine on nude | envelope: bella blue square flap outer | customization #59547

Traditional wedding invitations with rounded corners and pistachio accents

We worked with our friends at Please and Thank You Paper Co to create this beautiful suite for Emma and Daniel. A supplied family crest pairs perfectly with traditional fonts. Supplied pistachio envelopes are the perfect compliment to the custom color letterpress accents and edge painting. The suite has a timeless elegance, while the pops of light green keep it current.

letterpress inks: pewter + pms 7485u | paper: bella cotton white 2ply + 1ply | fonts: trajan pro + aston script | edges: corner rounded + edge painting in pms 7485u | envelopes: bella cotton white pointed flap + supplied pistachio euro flap | customization #66310

Rock + Roll Foil Mitzvah Invitations

We worked with our friend Jill at Wordshop in Denver to create this awesome Bar Mitzvah suite. Purple shine foil and cobalt letterpress combine to create a loud and original color palette, perfect for the event theme. The cobalt is carried through the enclosure cards. The purple shine features again in the full flood envelope liner, the perfect highlight the guitar motif on the invite card.

letterpress ink: cobalt | foil stamping: purple shine | paper: bella smooth cotton ivory 2ply + 1ply | fonts: brown + didot | envelope liner: classic color in purple shine | envelope: bella cotton ivory square flap outer + reply | customization #63938

Golden California Wedding Invitations

We worked with our friends at Union Street Papery to create Meghan and Louis’ beautiful wedding invitation suite. Gold foil stamped palm motifs set the stage for the iconic Fairmont reception venue. A reception card on supplied rouge paper and flamingo edge painting are the perfect summer compliment to the suite.

letterpress ink: holly | foil stamping: gold matte | digital printing: cmyk | paper: bella smooth cotton white 2ply + 1ply, supplied rogue cover | edge painting: flamingo | fonts: ravensara sans regular + medium, burges script | envelope liner: palm pattern in gold matte on holly | envelope: bella cotton white square flap | customization #61177

Pink + Gold Baby Shower Invitations

We worked with Jill of Jilly P Invitations and Gifts to bring these gorgeous baby shower invitations to life. The Maisey design was the starting point, keeping the cherry blossom letterpress. We swapped garden letterpress for gold matte foil stamping to create a more elevated look. The invite is finished with our rose quartz ribbon tied in a bow. An envelope liner in matching cherry blossom is the perfect compliment to this sweet shower invite!

letterpress ink: cherry blossom | foil stamping: gold matte | paper: bella smooth cotton 2ply | fonts: ms claudy + mrs eves | envelope liner: classic color in cherry blossom | envelope: bella cotton white pointed flap | ribbon: rose quartz with bow | customization #66089

Bella Figura Real Wedding: Handmade invites for an August Montana wedding

Amara and Michael worked with Mariana at our NYC studio to create their stunning invitation suite for their wedding in Montana last summer. We’ll let Amara take it from here to share more about their wedding details!


I had never been a “wedding-kinda-girl.” I was eager to elope, but my fiancé, Michael (now husband) wanted a wedding. I really had no clue or vision of what I wanted except for three things, I didn’t want “conventional”, I wanted it in Montana (where my family is from) and I wanted it to be more about Michael and I getting married than the wedding. Besides that, I really was clueless! Thankfully, I have the most amazing mother. All while growing up, my mom always set a beautiful table-scape for dinner. I knew that I wanted our wedding to feel and look like those special memories of being a family at our dinner table. Honestly, it was really my mom who stepped up to the plate and created exactly what I wanted in a wedding. In the end, I can’t even imagine wanting to elope. I loved our wedding!


Wedding planning was VERY stressful for me, even with my mom’s generous help! It felt like I was non-stop having to answer a million questions from a million different people all while never really knowing how to answer them!! Do your best to give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge that it is freaking hard and always ask for help when you need it! Outside of that, don’t compare your wedding planning to anyone else’s. It’s different for everyone! Plus, it does all work out in the end and the quirks of the day make it unique to you! (We forgot our marriage license!) Also, don’t be afraid to get married on a day that isn’t Saturday. We got married on a Sunday and it allowed us to book the vendors we wanted since they weren’t booked. Plus, some venues give discounts if you do a “non-Saturday” wedding.


Coming up with our invites was a group effort. I worked with Mariana at Bella Figura and she was a dream! I was so scatterbrained and there were so many options, I really needed help! I knew I wanted our invites to reflect our rustic wedding in the mountains. We used sample invites and combined elements I liked to create gorgeous invitations. The invited were on the most beautiful gray/green, hand torn homemade paper. The copper text with just a hint of shimmer was perfect for a western wedding. My favorite part was the lining of the envelope, which was a spattering of three simple line drawings of flowers. Before stuffing them into the envelope, we tied the info card and the invite with a rusty pink chiffon ribbon. We carried a lot of the same elements into our menus and place cards. The whole design felt like it matched the natural beauty of Montana perfectly.


I was very surprised by how much my dad got into the planning! I flew out to Montana a couple weeks before the wedding and when I arrived at my parents house, the front porch was covered in huge planters with beautiful flowers. My dad had been growing and tending to them since the spring (our wedding was in August) to use at our reception! I also was surprised at how ready I was to get married. The day off, I was surprisingly calm. I just felt eager to marry Michael and start our life together!


There were so many favorite moments! Two that really stick out are walking down the aisle just after we were announced as husband and wife. It was surreal that the first moments of our new lives together were walking that aisle surrounded by family and friends showering us with applause and love! The second moment was when we had gone to the fire station to take photos (Michael is a firefighter, so we wanted some pictures with the fire truck!). Two kids had set up a lemonade stand across from the station and brought us free lemonade in paper cups. The kids were so sweet and that lemonade was our first toast together as husband and wife.


I adored our invites. They were stunningly beautiful and served as the foundation for the look and feel of our wedding. I feel like the invites nailed the vibe of capturing the beauty of Montana. I wanted to embrace the natural landscape of work with it, not completely against the design of our wedding.Another element that was very important to Michael and I was our seating chart. Instead of a standard seating chart, we handwrote a letter to each one of our guests. Writing these letters allowed us to personally acknowledge each guest, thank them for coming and share how much they mean to us (along with let them know what table they are sitting at!). We stuffed the letter in envelopes that a family friend hand calligraphed our guests names on and we tacked them on a large white stand adored with green leaves. Writing the notes took forever, but was something Michael and I did together before the wedding. It gave us a chance to relish in memories of the people who love us and truly realize how grateful we are for all those in our lives.Oh! And I cannot forget our cocktail napkins! With us living in NYC and our wedding in Montana, it meant that our beloved cat, Bosco, and dog, Jax, were not able to join. It was vital that we incorporated them into our wedding, so we put their pictures on our cocktail napkins. They were a hit and big conversation starters, which really made us feel like, even though our pets were not physically there, they were a part of our day!


Anything and everything! We keep saying how excited we are to experience life together. First up, our first actual trip together to celebrate our honeymoon in Greece and Italy!

Photography: Fran Ze Photography | Chapel: Big Sky Chapel | Reception Venue: Rainbow Ranch
Florals: Katalin Green | Make-up: Fumi | Hair: Celeste at Parlour Livingston | Band:The Tiny Band
Dress: Alexandra Grecco via Lovely Bride NYC

foil stamping: copper matte | letterpress ink: stone | bella handmade laurel + bella cotton ivory 1ply | fonts: playfair + aston | envelope liner: custom pattern in stone | envelope: bella cotton ivory pointed flap | customization #61879

Linear Green wedding invitations

Marykate and Sean worked with our friends at Ink Papery to create their beautiful invitation suite. Simple vertical line motifs keep things dynamic, and pair with motifs to create a perfectly organized weekend timeline. The vine letterpress is complimented by a vine printed envelope liner.

letterpress ink: vine | paper: bella cotton white 2ply + 1ply | fonts: italian garamond + compendium | envelope liner: dune pattern in vine on white | envelope: bella cotton white pointed flap | customization #61322

Bella Figura FSEA Award Winners 2023

We are thrilled to announce Bella Figura won three FSEA Awards this year! Each year the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) hosts the Gold Leaf Awards to highlight creativity in the printing industry.

Florence by Leslie Johnston won Gold in the category of “Announcements/Invitation – Difficult”

Lawrence by Katie Magee won Bronze in the category of “Announcements/Invitation – Creative”

Amoret by Alyssa Tidd won Silver in the category of “Letterpress”

You can see all the inspiring FSEA winners here. Congratulations to all the winners!

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