Cute Customized Letterpress Baby Announcements

Printing really adorable letterpress baby announcements sure is great fun for us! These customized letterpress announcements are among our favorites of those we’ve recently printed and it’s easy to see why – they are so completely cute!

Airplane Letterpress Baby Announcement

This particular letterpress baby announcement is perfect for welcoming a little boy. It’s our Airplane design printed in navy and taupe inks on our ivory cotton paper. It’s a touch masculine, but still perfectly playful and child-like.

Owl Letterpress Baby Announcement

Our Owl letterpress baby announcement is one of our most popular designs. This customized version is printed in bright daffodil paired with downy ink. Yellow and gray is such a popular color for letterpress wedding invitations, so it’s no surprise that new parents also love this combination for letterpress baby announcements!

Owl Letterpress Baby Announcement

Owl Letterpress Baby Announcement

Another customization of our Owl design, this letterpress baby announcement is printed in pumpkin and garden inks. While 1-color letterpress is always fun, we love how this 2-color letterpress adaptation makes the Owl design so special.

The great thing about letterpress is how easily we can personalize a design to perfectly suit all special occasions in your life. In addition to our letterpress wedding invitations and letterpress baby announcements, we’re also happy to print for bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, anniversary parties – you name it! Any of our letterpress designs can be customized for the celebration of your choice.

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