Moda Contemporary Letterpress Invitations in a Softer Color Palette

We’re loving these Moda Contemporary letterpress wedding invitations.  Printed in a combination of our pewter and sand inks, the softer color palette is the perfect pairing to the jute colored pocketfold.  This particular couple actually chose our smaller square size card (SQ6) to be adhered to the pocketfold, as they liked the idea of the pocketfold creating more of a framed look.  We thank our friends over at Urbanic Paper Boutique for sending over these beauties!

inks: pewter + sand | font: henry | paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | edge painting: raspberry | pocketfold: jute| invite size: SQ-6 | customization #: 17170 |

Contemporary letterpress wedding invitations by Bella Figura