Blue and Tawny Invitations with Tropical Touches

We worked with our friends at The Paper Place to bring Alexandra and Rogelio’s stunning invitations to life. The layout is inspired by our Maeve v.2 sample. Rich cobalt letterpress is complimented by tawny shine foil. The details card has a flamingo paper backer, providing another fun pop of color. The liner was created from the motifs featured in our Ravello suite, and compliments the tropical suite perfectly.

letterpress ink: cobalt | foil stamping: tawny shine | fonts: didot, mina, at sackers gothic, sweet sans | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply + 1-ply + flamingo 1-ply backer | invite size: f-8 | edge paint: cobalt | liner: custom pattern in cobalt | envelope: bella royal | customization #68863