Ted Clausen’s calligraphy adorns the White House Christmas Tree

We keep our calligraphers pretty busy, but they work on some really cool projects on their own time. Our newest calligrapher, Ted Clausen, had the honor of contributing to the nation’s Christmas Tree at the White House! He worked on site for two days to create a hand calligraphed ribbon and sixty ornaments that adorned the tree in the Blue Room.

“The fine folks at Rafanelli Events, working with the White House, came up with the idea to wrap the tree with a ribbon on which I wrote out the Preamble to the Constitution,” says Ted. “In addition, they asked me to write out tweets from family members to troops serving overseas. These tweets were written on round mirrored ornaments and hung on the tree.”

“I think the effect was impressive; as you walked in you first noticed the large writing on the ribbon, and after walking around the tree to read a few more of the words you suddenly realized what the text was. Then, as you looked closer you saw the handwritten and personal tweets. The more formal values are offered by the preamble and the more personal statements are related by the tweets to those who are serving to uphold those values. It was a moving experience to be a part of.” 

To read more about Ted’s work on the White House Christmas Tree, check out this Boston Globe article.