New Washi Bat Mitzvah Invitation Inspiration

Inspired by ombre and metallic gold, this customization of our New Washi design would be perfect for a Bat Mitzvah invitation. We envision a celebration with lots of fun surprises – like pink donuts with sparkly sprinkles and glittering gold-dipped feathers hanging from the ceiling.

new washi customization | letterpress ink: aubergine | foil stamping: gold shine | font: brandon | paper: ivory | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: elegant ombre pattern in british rose and aubergine | hand calligraphy accents: carlisle by Elizabeth Hardin | original design by Kamal |customization by in-house designer Andrea Streeter

New Washi Bat Mitzvah invitation inspiration + party ideas from Bella Figura

photo credits: donuts | dress | table setting 

edgy + playful foil and letterpress birth announcement

Cerulean letterpress ink and gold shine foil are an edgy yet playful combination on our New Washi design, reimagined as a birth announcement introducing baby Theodore.

letterpress and foil birth announcement | Bella Figura

letterpress ink: cerulean | foil stamping: gold shine | fonts: moravia + zapfino | paper: bella cotton 1-ply ivory | Lion in the Sun | customization #24064

New Washi Bat Mitzvah invitations

Looking for a fun, festive invitation design for an upcoming Bat Mitzvah? Take a look at these recent customizations of our playful yet sophisticated New Washi design. Glamorous foil stamping, hip neon letterpress inks and pretty, lady-like script fonts make this design perfect for any coming of age celebration.

New Washi from Bella Figura

New Washi Bat Mizvah invites in Two Inks and Foil

This lovely New Washi Bat Mitzvah invite set is brought to us today by the letterpress ink colors Hot Pink and Black, and by the foil stamping color, Silver Shine.  Bat’s tend to be some of the shiniest and most colorful invites we work on, and this one sent to us by our friends at Smudge Designs  definitely doesn’t disappoint.

inks: hot pink + black | foil: silver shine | fonts: moravia + aurora | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: F8 | customization #: 16126

Modern and fresh letterpress + foil bat mitzvah invitations

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Bella Figura Design Contest Honoree – Trendy New Washi by Smudge Designs

Today we share with you our trendy letterpress and foil design New Washi by Kamal. When Smudge Designs submitted this Bat Mitzvah order we were so excited to print it! The washi tape pattern is such a perfect design element and looks great on our envelopes!

Joanna from Smudge shares their story:

“They didn’t have a “theme” so they were just searching for a beautiful design, something that was fun but still formal and elegant.  Julia fell in love with the New Washi design, but deciding to turn it landscape made it even more unique. We even noticed that it slightly resembled the Star of David, which was perfect for a Bat Mitzvah. Julia knew very early on that she needed this exact shade of purple. They had been shopping at Sephora, and noticed it on a lipstick. Her mother had sent us a picture of the lipstick shade that we then matched to a pantone swatch. We thought the silver foil would be a perfect way to jazz up the invitation, and complement the purple.”

This customization of our New Washi design was a 2012 Bella Figura design contest honoree

We love seeing our wedding invitations transform into Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah invitations! This design translates effortlessly into a classy yet youthful party choice.

ink: custom pantone 253U  | foil: silver shine | fonts: neutra text + aurora  | paper: 2-ply white  | invite size: f8 |

This design won an honorable mention in our Bella Figura design competition for 2012. This annual competition recognizes outstanding and inspired designs submitted by our beloved dealers.

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Bella Figura’s 2012 Letterpress Invitation Designs: Before and After, Part 2

Last week we showed you a look at some of our new 2012 letterpress invitation designs before and after they were customized, and this week we’re back with more design transformations! We’ve redone 5 of our favorite new modern invitation designs to show you just how much different an invitation can look with a color change, new fonts, and some design adjustments.

Neo Luna by Ian Koenig is charming and simple in the original design, but takes on a bolder look with a font change, added color and silver shine foil stamping.
Suggested embellishments:
We think this design would look stunning with surf edge painting and a colorful envelope liner in the sea stripes pattern, printed in surf, marigold and mesa inks.
Details: letterpress ink: surf | foil stamping: silver shine | fonts: ollie + swiss | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 | rounded corners

A before & after look at one of Bella Figura's 2012 designs, Neo Luna

The Drawing Room design by in-house designer Sarah Walroth features fresh new fonts and a custom pocket-fold, but takes on a more whimsical look after a bit of customizing. We love this design as a square invitation with corner rounding, along with a playful font and fuchsia ink for the names.
Suggested embellishments: A white cotton pocketfold, letterpress printed with prussian blue ink and a blue pearl metallic envelope liner would add the perfect amount of shine to this pretty invitation set.
Details: letterpress inks: fuchsia + prussian blue | fonts: saint-andrew + lady rene | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: sq-7 for pocketfold | pocketfold: white,  letterpressed in prussian blue ink

A before & after look at Drawing Room, one of Sarah Walroth's new designs for Bella Figura for 2012

Ellie Snow designed the Classic Chevron invitation, which features on-trend chevron patterning, two lines of Belle hand calligraphy, and pretty sea-side and jade letterpress inks. The switch of jade ink to mustard and the repositioning of the chevron pattern gives this design customization a retro feel with a modern twist.
Suggested embellishments: A pretty custom postage stamp along with a custom envelope liner featuring the sweet polka pattern in mustard + sea-side inks would be lovely accents for this wedding invitation.
Details: letterpress inks: mustard + sea-side | fonts: sans capitals + hollow | paper: bella cotton white 2-ply | size: f-8 A before and after look at Classic Chevron, one of Bella Figura's new designs for 2012

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