Bejeweled holiday card inspiration

Our dazzling Bejeweled design makes for the perfect holiday card. Add a family photo or leave as is — either way, it’s sure to spread some cheer to everyone who sees it! Bejeweled – along with the rest of Kamal’s inspired designs – is on sale through the end of October!

bejeweled customization | letterpress ink: vine | foil stamping: gold matte | fonts: moravia + bejeweled | paper: ivory | invite size: F-8 | liner: pearse pattern in vine | original design by Kamal | customization by in-house designer Jessica Tierney

Bejeweled holiday card inspiration by Bella Figura

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Rustic Wedding in Quebec featuring Colette Wedding Invitations

Karen and John selected our popular Colette invitation suite for their rustic wedding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Their fall celebration was filled with warm touches to welcome their guests – like mugs of hot apple cider, cozy knit throws, and artisan chocolates. Check out more of the details from their classic fall wedding on Style Me Pretty!

Rustic fall wedding from Bella Figura featuring the Colette invitation

Photography: Bartek & Magda | Event Planning: Lynn Lee Fine Weddings & Events | Floral Design: Full Bloom Floral Design | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Cake: Hotel Quintessence | Invitations:Bella Figura | Ceremony Venue: Chapel St. Bernard | Reception Venue: Hotel Quintessence | Hair:Showpony Hair | Calligraphy: Maureen Koo-calligraphy | Child Care Services: Kimberlee Care | Chocolates: Koko Chocolates | Decor: Amy And Jen Decor | Guitar: Andrei Krylov | Linens: Latavola Linens | Makeup: One Fine Beauty | Music/ Band: Jackson Miles Band | Rentals: Partytime Rental

Romantic Vendage letterpress wedding invitation ideas

This romantic take on our Vendage letterpress wedding invitation by Kamal is overflowing with rich color. Our raspberry ink pairs beautifully with amethyst for a wedding filled with berries, wildflowers, and rustic decor. Hand calligraphy accents by Elizabeth Hardin add a whimsical touch, and an envelope liner in our natural woodgrain pattern gives the suite a polished finish. The best part? This design (and every design in Kamal’s collection!) is on sale through the end of October, so shop now!

vendage customization | letterpress inks: raspberry + amethyst | font: streamline | paper: ivory | invite size: F-8 | liner: natural woodgrain pattern in pansy | hand calligraphy accents: Parks | original design by Kamal |customization by in-house designer Lindsy Talarico 

Vendage letterpress wedding invitation ideas from Bella Figura

Photo credits: cocktail, flower crown + centerpieces

This Bride: Golden Glamour

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Rose Gold New Year’s Eve Party Invitations

Set the tone for a sophisticated New Year’s Eve party with elegant rose gold invitations featuring our Frolic design! For decor, go for a light and airy look with a color palette of rose gold, silver, gray, and white. Add some confetti and champagne and your celebration will be complete! If you love this look, order this design (or any design by Kamal) before the end of October and save 10%!

frolic customization | letterpress ink: pale gray | foil stamping: rose gold shine | fonts: marilyn + brandon | paper: white | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: metallic silver | original design by Kamal |customization by in-house designer Brenda Fox

Rose gold New Year's Eve party invitation ideas featuring the Frolic design by Kamal for Bella Figura


photo credits: cake, decor + confetti

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Real Bella Figura Wedding at The Meridian House

Drawing inspiration from backyard Parisian weddings, Charlotte and Timothy created a romantic oasis in the nation’s capital for their October wedding. Instead of traditional fall colors, the couple went for a warm, muted color palette of taupe, ivory, champagne and rose gold for their celebration at The Meridian House. They chose our Whisper design for their save the dates, which featured rose gold foil edging, and selected our Modern Fete design for their wedding invitation suite. To see more photos from this gorgeous real wedding, head over on Style Me Pretty!

Real Bella Figura Wedding at the Meridian House

Photography: Maria Vicencio Photography | Event Planning: Simply Chic Events | Floral Design:Philippa Tarrant Floral Designs | Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Cake:Maggie Austin Cake | Invitations: Bella Figura | Shoes: Kate Spade | Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August Ceremony | Catering: Design Cuisine | Hair: Remona Soleimani | Calligraphy: Arney Walker Calligraphy| Lighting: Lighting Professors | Entertainment: The Mustangs Band | Favors: Georgetown Cupcake | Mens Attire: J.Crew | Officiant: Bill Cochran | Bridal Clutch: Carlos Falchi | Bridal Jewelry: J.Crew | Bridal Jewelry: Carolee | Hotel: The Jefferson | Makeup: Tiffany Mason | Makeup: Leah McKay | Musicians: Sage String Quartet | Rentals: AFR Furniture Rental | Wedding Band: I-Gorman | Wedding Band: Tiffany & Co. | Wedding Venue: The Meridian House

Sparkling Stipple holiday card inspiration

This holiday customization of our Stipple design is sure to put a sparkle in all your loved ones eye’s when they open it up! A bright use of silver foil and bold blues are bound get everyone excited for the New Year. Stipple – and Kamal’s entire collection of inspired designs – is on sale through the end of October, so be sure to order your customized holiday cards early and send them out to all your favorites!

stipple customization | foil color: silver shine | font: sans capitals | paper: white | invite size: SQ-7 | liner: elegant ombre pattern in aquamarine | hand calligraphy accents: lincoln style | original design by Kamal | customization by in-house designer Jessica TierneySparkling Holiday Card inspiration by Bella Figura

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Kamal’s Journey through India: Part I – Gujarat, “The Jewel of the West”

Today’s guest post comes from Bella Figura designer Kamal – our featured designer during the month of October. Kamal recently spent a month in India, where she rang in the New Year, enjoyed festive wedding celebrations for her niece, and took in many of the beautiful sites and sounds. Today we’re sharing the first part of her journey – we’ll be sharing more later this month! 

India, my beloved country, is known to the world as a land full of culture, tradition, vibrant breathtaking colors, awe inspiring textiles, a mecca of spices, warm hearted hospitality, overwhelming maternal patriotism, and a pool of forward thinking youth determined to make their mark in the world. To me, however, India simply is and forever will be the land of my father. After all, I grew up on endless nights of story telling from him, everything from his favorite sweets to his spiciest food experiments; his childhood friends to his mothers lullabies; his immense struggles to his groundbreaking achievements. It’s the motherland that nurtured his youth, prospered his adult years, influenced his thinking and has forever imprinted its love in his heart and mind. And Mine.

Bella Figura designer Kamal with her father in India

Traveling to India has been a part of my life since I was young, visiting my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Each year was the usual ritual: 2 weeks in Mumbai followed by a week in Gujarat, hence my 2nd dialect, Gujarati. The state of Gujarat is my father’s “home” where many of our family members still live and where my father’s most vivid memories still carry on. Needless to say, I was heavily influenced by the colors and joy of India from a tender age. So when after 13 years, I had the opportunity to travel to India, I was truly overjoyed. The most exciting part was the fact that I was traveling with my parents and my brother – just the four of us, together – like I was 16 again.

Kites from Gujarat for the Uttarayan International Kite Festival

Being that my father was raised in the state of Gujarat, located in the Western part of India, its no surprise that his absolute favorite holiday was a festival called Uttarayan, The International Kite Festival – the pride of the “Jewel of the West”. The festival marks the day when winter begins to turn into summer, according to the Indian calendar. It is the sign for farmers that the sun is back and that the harvest season is approaching. Vast cities in Gujarat delve into organizing kite competitions, where kite flying starts as early as 5am and goes on until late night with as many as 8-10 million people indulging in the festival.

Scenes from Gujarat, India

Kites from Gujarat for the Uttarayan International Kite Festival

The awe-inspiring brilliant colors, grainy textures and leisurely way of life were noteworthy on this special day. It was like “roof-top-party-hopping”. Music was blaring in the air. People were climbing up and down each other’s roofs, drinking King Fishers, leaping and flying their kites, heads up everywhere. The entire state succumbed to a serene yet enticing buzz. It was like nothing that I have ever seen before!

Scenes from the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, IndiaA colorful kite flying in the sky during the Uttarayan International Kite Festival Scenes from the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, India

We saw kite markets set up alongside food stalls, children prancing around with their vibrant kites. The Uttarayan kites are made of lightweight paper (AKA tissue paper) and bamboo, and are mostly rhombus shaped with a central spine and a single bow. Many of them are the same size and solid colors but then again, you do see a variety of massive ones, foiled ones, and of course color-blocked ones.

Scenes from a kite market during the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, India

The kites we flew were called ‘Patangs’, fighter kites. The object was simple: try to slash each other’s string in the sky so that your kite is the only one up! May the best kite win! The strings were dyed a gorgeous pink, but were quite deceiving. They were covered with mixtures of glue and ground glass, so when dried, rolled up, and attached to the end of the kite could easily cut your fingers. Sharp and deep, like a paper cut. As we took turns, we realized the difficulty of this sport, concluding that my dad truly was a master, his passion was like riding a bike – he picked up right where he left off.

Scenes from the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, India

As the night came to an end, I did a 360 on a neighbor’s rooftop and saw the moon on one end being the perfect segway to the sun setting on another. I took it all in then. The sky transformed from blues and greens to a radiant pink with a breathtaking circle of orange. Just then, as the flecks of strings start disappearing, illuminated kites filled with lights and candles known as tukals or tukkals were launched creating a spectacle in the inky sky mixed with fireworks. The breath-taking sunset was only to be surpassed by the beauty of the thousands of flickering lights emerging into the sky. Moments like these are why I am who I am, as a woman, a mother, a daughter and as a designer.

Lanterns and kites floating into the sky during the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, IndiaLanterns floating into the sky during the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, IndiaNight scenes from the Uttarayan International Kite Festival in Gujarat, India

I can still hear the music in the wind and clamor around me, people still dancing around with excitement. Etched in me is the memory of my dad and the thrill of his childhood, the smile on his face the twinkle in his eye. And Mine.

Glamorous Peacock Birthday Invitation Ideas

The ever-glamorous Peacock Full invitation design by Kamal makes for an amazing peacock birthday invitation! Let the invitation set the tone for a golden celebration complete with champagne, luxe decor and lots of sparkle. We love the idea of making the guest of honor’s name stand out with hand calligraphy accents in gold foil. Love this look? Save on this design (and every design in Kamal’s collection!) throughout the month of October.

peacock full customization | letterpress ink: black | foil stamping: gold matte | fonts: moravia + statham | calligraphy accents: victoria calligraphy accents by Sarah Hanna | paper: white | invite size: F-8 | liner: vintage river pattern in black + antique gold | original design by Kamal | customization by in-house designer Racheal Bumbolo

Peacock birthday party invitation ideas from Bella Figura

photo credits: champagne, sweet treats, dress

Lavish + edgy: foil stamped wedding invitations

Courtney and Evan fell for our Fugue foil stamped wedding invitations and didn’t stray far from the original. They opted to keep the lavish, double foil look but personalized it by switching to our ultra modern #10 size card and adding hand calligraphy from Sarah Hanna. The end result is bold and edgy and a perfect compliment to their Washington, DC museum wedding.

Fugue, along with all of designer Kamal’s designs, are on sale through the month of October!

foil stamped Fugue wedding invitations | Bella Figura

foil stamping: gold matte + silver shine | font: sans capitals | paper: bella cotton ivory 1-ply + 2-ply | hand calligraphy accents: callaway style | Dandelion Patch | customization #18862