Victrola Letterpress Invites for the Record!

The perfect precursor to what’s sure to be a gorgeous vintage-chic outdoor wedding, this customization of our Victrola Letterpress design has got everybody here at the shop… spinning.  Pressed in Deep Blue and Pool on our 1-ply ivory paper,  the old school typography,  cool hues,  and ornate flourishes really lend this set some sick traditional Americana vibe.  Two color printing throughout the set (even on the envelopes) really helps to keep things cohesive and well balanced.

ink:  deep blue + pool | fonts:  victoria + manoir | paper:  ivory 1-ply | invite size:  F-8 | client coordinator:  chris gannon  | in-house designer:  kyle laatschblue victrolavictrola envelope and invitevictrola vintage reply

by Chris Gannon, Client Coordinator.