Slick and Snazzy Handdrawn Style Letterpress Invitations

Color’s such a funny and subjective thing, but when something works it just works. This version of Erin Jang‘s Handrawn design looks incredible in the ink colors that the couple choose for them – and that aquamarine edge painting just sets things off so perfectly.  Did you notice the cute little food icons on the reply card?  We get requests for these a LOT. These kinds of icons are available on any of our designs, but these particular ones from our motif library just coordinate really well with the overall vibe of this letterpress wedding invitation set.

inks: pewter + geranium | paper: 2-ply white | invitation size: f8 | liner: modern herringbone in geranium | edge paint: aquamarine | client coordinator: chris gannon

This is a modern customization of Bella Figura's Handdrawn design letterpress printed in pewter and geranium inks.