Royal inspired invitations fit for a sophisticated affair

When asked to contribute to a feature for Money magazine about the cost of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding invitations, we were more than happy to chime in! 600 guests were lucky enough to receive an invitation to the royal wedding. For those who received one of these beauties in the mail, they opened their envelopes to find a die-stamped invitation burnished in gold with black text, containing beveled and gilded edges. Space was left purposefully for their calligrapher to handwrite guest names once printed. These invitations are the definition of elegance and no expense was spared to achieve that look.

If you are looking to recreate a royal replica, that’s certainly something we can do with our engraving printing process. Whenever someone thinks of engraving, they think of tradition and refined luxury. These type of invitations are typically typographically based with ornate script adorning the card – similar to the look of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding invitation!

If you are loving the vibe of their invitation, but are not so keen on the cost, there are always other options available to you. We can achieve the same kind of look through letterpress and foil stamping as an alternative to engraving. It’s easy enough to keep the elegant integrity of Harry and Meghan’s design, but instead of raised ink, the ink would be pressed into the beautiful paper. This kind of printing is equally as lovely, but allows for even more design experimentation should you want to add any whimsy to a more formal set that engraving might not allow for.

Below you will find some designs that ring true to the feel of the royal couple’s wedding invitation, while we’ve also included designs that add a more modern twist to a more formal layout. We hope this sparks some ideas for those who are inspired by the royal wedding to come this May!

Our Morocco design carries the same kind of horizontal orientation as Harry and Meghan’s with the traditional etiquette written across the page. It features Partial Flourish hand calligraphy accents by Ted Clausen on the names of the bride and groom as well as their venue. For an extra touch of luxury, the entire design is printed in our Copper Matte foil. If you’re after a formal, classic invitation, look no further!Our Morocco design is carried horizontally like Harry and Meghan’s, featuring Partial Flourish hand calligraphy accents by Ted Clausen for an extra touch of luxury.

Royal inspired invitationsThe royal couple’s wedding invitation features beveling (a sloping edge) and while this isn’t something we offer currently, we are able to add foil edging or edge painting to the sides of the invitation itself. We can also mimic the royal invitation in a reimagined way by using a Gold Matte border or a letterpress ink color instead, like what’s shown on our Chatsworth design in French Vanilla.

Royal inspired invitationsThe blind-debossed pattern in the background of our Oberon design adds a level of sophisticated intrigue to a more traditional layout.

Royal inspired invitations Faunus V.2. shows off what you can do with foil stamping that might not be necessarily achievable through engraving with intricate florals in each corner. The Marsala letterpress ink compliments the Tawny Matte foil providing a royal and elegant overall look.