Regional collection for Oliver’s Twist

We are so happy to share another regional collection that we created for our friends at Oliver’s Twist. The city of Carmel was the inspiration behind these designs. We’ll let our designers take it from here to describe more about their creative process working on the invitations below:


oliver's twist

Hotel Carmichael of Carmel, Indiana showcases some of the most detailed woodwork and exquisite craftsmanship within its walls. The Feinstein design suite pulled inspiration from a combination of the hotel’s Feinstein’s Cabaret, an upscale entertainment venue, and its Library’s rich textures, moody colors and vintage vibe. The Feinstein design uses layers of texture, moody midnight blues and the warmest wood tones. Each pattern, shape and image was inspired by the Hotel Carmichael — a boutique hotel near the performing arts and design district of Carmel, Indiana.


oliver's twist

The Carmichael design suite has captured the luxurious and refined space of this boutique hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Ornate ceilings, crystal chandeliers, soft blues and hints of gold heavily inspired this breathtaking traditional design. Our Carmichael design reflects the the essence of this space with pastel blues, metallic golds, delicate whites and ornately illustrated scrollwork.


oliver's twist

The stunning Hotel Carmichael of Carmel, Indiana exudes decorative style from floor to ceiling and was the inspiration for our Adagio suite. Its signature arched windows, black and white diamond-patterned marble floors, and ornamental detail of the lobby’s stair railing all served as the main inspiration for this art deco infused design.