Refined Deveril Letterpress Invitations in German and Italian

Sometimes simpler is just plain better.  Alright a lot of times.  Pared down to just the essentials, these Deveril invites from designer Beth Ann Seal exude such an amazing sense of clarity and calm.  The lack of any superfluous design elements really serves to highlight the simple beauty of the typography and of the letterpress printing itself.  In order to accommodate their multinational guests, half of these invitations were printed in German and the other half were printed in Italian.  Didn’t know we print in all languages?  Sure we can!  More details here.

ink: taupe | fonts: strana + hudson | paper: white 1-ply | invite size: f8 | liner: classic color taupe | client coordinator: chris gannon | in house designer:  sarah walroth

german and italian letterpress wedding invitations