Petite + Budget Friendly String Calligraphy Letterpress Invitations

Maybe you’re trying to stick to a set budget but really want letterpress invitations?  Maybe you just love things that come in small-ish packages?  Either way, an awesome solution is to have us print your invites in our A6 size instead of our larger standard invitation sizes (like A7, SQ7, or F8).  Not only will you keep the costs down on your printing, but you’ll also save on postage as well – and look how sweet these little guys are!  They’re based on the standard String Calligraphy design, but printed in our A6 size that we typically reserve for save the dates (so these invites were priced just like save the dates would be).  For a full list of the sizes we have available, head on over to our size list.

inks: pewter + wisteria | calligraphy: string calligraphy by patricia mumau | paper: 1-ply white | invite size: a6 | edge paint: metallic silver | liner: european formal pattern in wisteria and dusty pink | customization #: 16015 |

If you are on a budget choose our save the date size!