Patton: Celebrating the Season with a Bold & Beautiful Style

In-house designer Jessica Downs explains her inspiration for the Patton holiday card:

“I wanted to create a design that would make people stop and take a second look; something that could be proudly displayed for the holidays and kept as a memento long after the season was over.
I hand-drew the branches to create a frame for the card that balanced with the beautiful typography. I wanted to create illustrations that felt modern and not traditionally winter-looking to help them stand out. I’m drawn to simple design, beautiful typography, and timeless style. If I had to pick a holiday card to send, this would be at the top of my list. I love it!”

foil stamping: copper matte | fonts: madina + moderno | paper: bella blue 2-ply | card size: a-6 | metallic liner: copper | envelope: bella blue

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