Ordering Extras vs. Ordering and Reordering

We’re here to help make your wedding stationery process a wonderful and stress free experience!  When it comes to quantity, it’s always better to overorder than underorder.

We recommend ordering extras, in case of guest list changes, mailing mishaps. It’s also important to ensure you have enough for keepsakes and photography.  

We fully understand that things change and move quickly, and sometimes reorders are necessary.  We’re here to do whatever we can to make all orders, including reorders, as seamless as possible.  

Many people and processes help create these keepsakes, and this process happens whether it’s an initial order or a reorder. The same amount of care, materials, and dedication of time is put into each order, so the cost of ordering 100 + 10 is significantly higher than the cost of 110.

To help save you stress and cost, below we’ve broken out the cost difference for ordering 110 in an initial order, versus ordering 100 and a reorder of 10.