New ways of imagining our bestselling Katerina design

Our Katerina design is quickly becoming a favorite among our many floral inspired designs. We’ve seen it customized for baby and bridal showers, altered with custom artwork and rearranged in a multitude of different layouts. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bailey and Michael asked us to add some meaningful touches to their Katerina suite, including oranges, mountain laurel flowers, and a sweet bluebird. Their custom artwork framed Sarah Hanna’s hand calligraphy where their names were highlighted in tawny foil. 

Elizabeth and Peter went with a more contemporary layout and typography and used minimal design elements for a more modern feel.

Gemma’s bridal shower invitations were inspired by the Katerina thank you cards and used just a hint of the artwork at the bottom of the card for a sweet, ladylike look.

Many thanks to our friends at Magnificent Milestones and Smitten Boutique!