Nature Inspiration – Balsam Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

These Balsam Calligraphy wedding invitations (by Patricia Mumau) printed in taupe letterpress are looking positively nature inspired. Paired with a jute colored envelope, the rustic look is definitely alive. The couple chose to print all of their reply by details on the front of the reply postcard, with only an oversized branch motif on the reverse. Many thanks to Urbanic Paper Boutique for submitting these for us to print.

letterpress ink: taupe| calligraphy: Harrison hand by Patricia Mumau | paper: 1-ply white| printing: letterpress | invite size: A-7 | liner: elegant ombre in sherbet and shell |customization #: 17153 |

These nature-inspired Balsam Calligraphy wedding invitations are perfect for a rustic celebration. | Hand calligraphed by Patricia Mumau for Bella Figura