English Waltz Letterpress Reply Cards + Handkerchief Invitations

Recently we had the exciting opportunity to work with a couple on a really fun invitation project. We letterpress printed reply cards in our English Waltz design to accompany their invitations, silk-screened vintage handkerchiefs. Printed on our luxury 2-ply paper in taupe ink, these reply cards are a perfect complement to the hankie invitations. The bride, Kristy, shared the inspiration behind her lovely, one of a kind invitations:

We have tried our best to make the elements of our wedding personal and unique, and came across the hankie idea as a perfect way to accomplish that. We were fortunate enough to find Erin Raspberry Napier from Lucky Luxe Correspondence to help create the beautiful finished product. With some help from our moms, we searched antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and of course the internet to collect a wonderful variety of vintage hankies. After washing and ironing them, we sent them to Erin to be printed. When we received them back, I had a great time individually selecting who to send each hankie to. With the range of colors and patterns, I found one to perfectly represent each of our guests!

In addition to obviously using the handkerchiefs to invite our friends and family to join us on our wedding day, we have considered having our groomsmen use their invites as pocket squares, and hope that guests will carry them as we celebrate with tears of happiness!

{Silk-screened handkerchief invitations by Erin Raspberry Napier of Lucky Luxe Correspondence.}