Letterpress Programs: Wording Tips for Same sex Couples

Last week, we shared invitation wording tips for same sex couples with some pointers from Mark Kingsdorf (esteemed wedding planner and etiquette expert), and now we’re back with more advice from Mark and tips on program wording for same sex couples. How do you recognize parents, grandparents, honor attendants, and other guests on the program? Luckily, there are lots of ways to do it — read on to see some of Mark’s tips.

For parents:

– Simply say ‘Parents’ and list both sets of parents (as opposed to the traditional “Parents of the Bride” or “Groom’s Parents”). You could also¬† say “Mark’s Parent’s” or “Kyle’s Parents”¬† – this applies for grandparents, too!

For attendants:

– Your wording for attendants can be determined based on the formality of your wedding. In our example below (a tea length program of our Austin Traditional design), each groom’s best man was listed, and the rest of the wedding party was listed under “Honor Attendants”. If you’d like, you can divide the attendants into two columns, placing names on the left or right side depending on which side they’ll be placed on while you’re at the altar.

same sex program wording

As with invitation wording, the program text should really fit your style as a couple — if you’ve got a more casual or laid back wedding planned, you can say “Mark’s friends” or “Kyle’s friends” when recognizing your wedding party. Of course, bridesmaids and groomsmen may also be used as well, but if you’ve got men and women in your party, an alternative option would be to list your “Bridesmates” or “Groomsmates”. You can even get creative and incorporate your wedding colors and tie in subtle recognition that way. While there are many possible ways to word your program, it’s important to give recognition to the friends and family members supporting your marriage – so word your programs in a way that best fits your personality and your wedding day.

Our thanks again to Mark for sharing these great tips!