Letterpress On Trend – Envelopes of a Different Color

With all of the different elements to consider when ordering your wedding invitations, envelope choices can wind up being somewhat of an afterthought. After all, they’re just going to be ripped open and thrown away anyway, right?  Well, yes – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important.  They are the first things your guests will see when the invitation set arrives in the mail, after all.

The old standby for envelopes is to have them match the invitations – our standard envelopes are made from a text-weight version of the same cotton paper we print our letterpress invitations on – so the paper and envelopes will be a perfect match. If you’re looking for simplicity and complete uniformity throughout your set, this is definitely the way to go.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white or ivory envelopes, by the way!  They’re elegant and are designed to coordinate perfectly with your invites.

That being said, sometimes you don’t necessarily want everything to perfectly match your invitations – sometimes you want the envelopes to have a little pizazz of their own.  And that’s where colored envelopes can fit the bill nicely.
New for 2012, we now offer several different colored envelope options (available in select sizes only for now): bullion, silver, jute, steel blue, and opal. Perhaps you want to add a touch of metallic to your invites (but you don’t want the invitation itself to be foil stamped)? A silver or bullion envelope would be a great option!  Looking to add a crafty, hand-made sort of vibe to your invites?  Try our jute envelopes!  Planning lots of pearlescent touches for the wedding?  Think opal envelopes!

Oh, and the best part? Our colored envelopes are priced exactly the same as our white and ivory envelopes, so they’re definitely more budget-friendly than some other color-adding embellishment options such as pocketfolds or envelope liners. Not that these colored envelopes don’t look awesome with liners too – because they definitely do! We especially love the look of a metallic envelope paired a metallic envelope liner – think metallic bronze envelope liners paired with opal envelopes — it’s a stunning combination!

Once you’ve finalized all the details for your letterpress invitations and picked the perfect envelopes for your invitation set, add a beautiful finishing touch by having them hand addressed by one of our master calligraphers! And be sure to check out these tips for all of your envelope addressing needs.