Invitation Wording Tips for Same-Sex couples from Etiquette Expert Mark Kingsdorf

Invitation wording can be tricky – knowing who to list and where to list them can sometimes present a challenge. With an increase in same-sex weddings (woohoo! go New York!), we’ve had some inquiries about wording for when you’ve got two brides or two grooms. So, we decided to speak with wedding pro Mark Kingsdorf of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants (an etiquette expert and contributor to several books by the esteemed Emily Post Institute) to get some tips for same-sex couples on the best way to word their invitations.

Mark said it best: “Proper etiquette is what makes the largest number of people feel most comfortable” — and we couldn’t agree more. So, when it comes to your wording, be sure to decide on the following factors:

1. Who should be listed? This depends entirely on the couple and their family. If both sets of parents are contributing, both sets of parents can be listed. You can list all parents, one set of parents, one parent, or no parents – it really comes down to your personal preference. If you have a lot of family members contributing to your wedding, a great alternative option would be to simply start by saying “Together with their families”, and proceed from there. Here’s a traditional example that lists both sets of parents:

2. Who goes first? Unless one family is contributing more than the other, Mark advises that alphabetical is the best way to go. Again, personal preference should reign, and your wording should be what fits you best as a couple.

The rest of your text should fall into place based on the type of ceremony and reception you’ll be having – let the formality of your event guide you. For even more tips on how to finalize the text for your invitations and other wedding stationery, click here, or feel free to get in touch with one of our client coordinators for assistance!

The important thing to remember is that your invitations and wedding stationery should set the tone for your wedding while highlighting who you are as a couple. Many thanks to Mark Kingsdorf for these great tips!

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