introducing koi: playful foil wedding invitation with watercolor accents

Designer Sierra Detrick created our playful foil stamped wedding invitation Koi that added a bit of color and fun to our line-up! Here’s a little bit about the makings of this vibrant design from the designer herself: “I began looking at all different types of Koi ponds and studying the colors and textures specifically in the aquatic plants, fish, stones and water. I picked out a palette that felt was representative of everything I had seen. I then settled on light and airy brush strokes as the style for the background to give it a more natural feel. With such a fun and whimsical piece of art, I knew the typography had to be a bit more structured, but I didn’t want it to feel stiff or too contained. From there, I broke up the lines on the outer boundary of some of the pieces to keep the suite feeling structured yet somewhat free.”  Detrick also had a strong Asian influence in her life as she was growing up saying, “I had a pen pal from Japan and we began writing in 7th grade and still write to each other today. In her letters, she always sends me postcards with the most beautiful scenery filled with vibrant colors and textures. The idea of the koi pond stemmed from some of these inspiring authentic images.”

playful foil wedding invitationplayful foil wedding invitation

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