Inspired by Boardwalk: Vintage, Modern, and Formal Customization Ideas

In case you haven’t heard, our January design of the month is Boardwalk, so from now through the end of the month, you can save 10% on everything in the Boardwalk suite! Not sure if the Boardwalk design is right for you? Think again! Our design team put together a few customizations to get you inspired and show different ways this design can work for you. Everything about this design is completely customizable — change the fonts, ink colors, orientation — you name it!

Our first Boardwalk customization takes on a vintage look with olive and fern inks, and incorporates the chevron pattern from the original design all over the invitation.

This customization of our Boardwalk design uses a vintage color combo of olive, fern and mustard inks

Need something more modern for your big day? This festive #10 customization features vibrant jewel tones, modern fonts and a calligraphy monogram for a more modern celebration.

A modern take on our Boardwalk design, with fresh modern colors and a cool #10 size.

Planning a classic wedding with traditional touches? This simplified approach to Boardwalk uses more formal fonts and a slightly different take on the original frame for a more sophisticated look.

A formal, more traditional take on our Boardwalk design

Still not sure how to make this design work for you? Take a look at the entire Boardwalk suite and be inspired by the other pieces (like the menu, social notes, and more) for your own special occasion!