December Design of the Month – Ikaty (20% off Custom Letterpress Orders!)

Today we’re excited to share the inspiration behind Ikaty, Bella Figura’s December design of the month {the entire suite is on sale for 20% off through 12/31!}. We chatted with Kamal, the talented designer who created this fashion forward, fabric-inspired invitation, and she filled us in on the background of the gorgeous design that we just can’t get enough of.

Ikaty, designed by Kamal for Bella Figura, is on sale for 20% off through 12/31/11

The Inspiration Behind Ikaty

“Ikaty” is a modern tribute of my love and fascination for the IKAT pattern, the trend, and how it mirrors a promise of commitment. To see its progression in the past couple of years is compelling to me. It’s been a part of my home since childhood – on pillows, rugs and clothing growing up, but not on paper. “Ikat” is an Indonesian language word, which depending on context, can be the nouns: cord, thread, knot and the finished ikat fabric as well as the verbs “to tie” or “to bind”(ref: Wikpedia). Sounds a little like marriage…


…and I am. I also have 3 wonderful children and try to balance it out as a working mom. This process of dyes and interwoven, complex patterns reflects my work, my marriage, my kids and what’s to come. Each distinct weave can take you into a different path in your life, growing and multiplying until you have created a pattern, a routine, or hopefully a touch of surprise in your life.

Bella Figura Designer Kamal with her family

Creative from the start: I’ve always been creative and needed an outlet. My mother is a choreographer, and I’ve danced my entire life, performing throughout the US. I went off to Pratt and decided I wanted to do something that still communicated with an audience. Something which told a story, whether it was through photography, graphic arts or advertising. After taking a risk at the NY Stationery show in 2009 with 42 letterpressed cards and 16 coaster sets, opportunities came through my door. Ever since then, the experience has been truly organic. It feels as though there is something unexpected and new everyday.
A piece from Kamal's line, plus artifacts from Kamal's collection at home
Ikat Inspiration: The latest Wall Art in Coral, Black, Gold and White for my spring collection (above); 2 brass creatures lying on an Ikat pillowcase from West Elm (above). My last Ikat purchase, a scarf from All Saints (below), along with an artifact I picked up in a visit to an exhibition in India 10 years ago (below).
Kamal's inspiration for Ikaty, Bella Figura's design of the month
Color love: My favorite PMS shade: at the moment it is PMS 806, it’s an unexpected pop, cheery and already longs for spring!
A blissful getaway: The most memorable vacation I have taken was probably the one we took this summer to Mexico. Anyone would think my husband and I would want to renew our 10 year wedding vows on our own, but not us. We actually wanted to celebrate it with our family. No computer, hardly an iPhone – only late night conversations over dinner, lazy morning brunches and crystal blue water all around us. It was the first time we went somewhere all together and I can not wait to plan another trip soon.
An ikat steal: My mother reupholstered this $10 reclining children’s chair in an Ikat print for my daughter last year.
An Ikat chair that was upholstered by Kamal's mother for her daughter
Thanks so much, Kamal! Be sure to check out Kamal’s Ikaty invitation suite and the rest of her stunning designs for Bella Figura.