Introducing Zari: desert inspired letterpress design

Katie Magee designed Zari, part of our 2023 wedding collection and shares her inspiration behind the suite:

Zari comes to life with a warm color palette and a soft arch shape carried throughout the set, inspired by sand dunes in the desert on a hot day. Large areas of letterpress printed color bring depth and texture to the design while keeping the look modern and simple. The typography is clean and minimal, allowing for special ligatures to pop throughout the set. The uniquely folded events card and reply card are tied together with eye-catching metallic tawny thread so that your guests won’t miss a single detail.

Zari’s colors can be customized in any way you like, but we think an analogous color palette really shines. For a “cool” approach, try swapping in Deep Blue, Chambray, and Powder Blue inks!

letterpress inks: shell + rust + mesa | font: santiago | paper: bella smooth cotton white 2-ply | invite size: f-8 | liner: zari pattern in shell + rust + mesa | envelope: jute | digital addressing ink: umber | sample : zari