Colorful Rose Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our friends over at the Dandelion Patch – Vienna sent us this beautiful customization of our Rose (by Ellie Snow) letterpress wedding invitation.  The fuchsia and papaya letterpress inks coupled with surf edge painting leave the recipient in awe!  Another wonderful feature of this invitation is the Maura calligraphy (by Kelle Ann McCarter) used for the names and how the surf edge painting ink is incorporated into the envelope liner.

inks: fuchsia + papaya | font: geometric block | calligraphy: maura calligraphy | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: sq7  | liner: rustic woodstock in surf + fuchsia + papaya | edge painting: surf | customization #: 14268 |

This whimsical and colorful letterpress wedding invitation is a customization of Bella Figura's Rose design.