Eco-friendly Letterpress + Foil-stamped Coasters from Bella Figura

Did you know all of our letterpress and foil stamped coasters are printed on 100% recycled paper? Our coasters are made up of 90% post-consumer waste, 5% pre-consumer waste, and 5% mill waste — it’s a lovely stock that takes the letterpress or foil impression really well. We’ve been printing some really cool coasters for our clients on this new stock over the past few months — take a look!

Letterpress & foil stamped coasters from Bella Figura - printed on 100% recycled coaster stock!

Designs shown clockwise from top right: Custom design featuring owls from our motif library, Vineyard, Irving, Helena, Rustic Lookout and Circolo. The Circolo design was recently discontinued, but is still available if you’d like to order it! 

Aren’t the gold matte, foil-stamped coasters especially beautiful? They feature hand calligraphy accents in Debi Zeinert’s Spencerian style, and they were actually printed for the grand-prize winner of our February Pinterest contest! For a chance to win 100 letterpress party invitations, enter our Pin Your Favorite Place Pinterest Contest today!

Foil stamped coasters from Bella Figura, featuring the Champagne design, printed on 100% recycled coaster stock

Gold matte foil stamped coasters from bella Figura