Cheerful Two Color String Calligraphy Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These cheerful String Calligraphy (by Patricia Mumau) letterpress wedding invitations sure have a whimsical and contemporary feel!  Submitted to us by our friends at The Village Invites in New York, NY we think the lavender ink paired with our black ink looks impeccable. It’s absolutely charming that the couple carried the two color theme onto all of their cards.  The perfect pairing of our modern floral envelope liner in lavender ink looks sensational.  We are in love with the the distinguishing look of this set!

inks: black + lavender | calligraphy style: harrison by patricia mumau | paper: 2-ply white  | invite size: f8  | liner: the modern floral pattern in lavender ink | client coordinator: jessica hanaman| in-house designer: racheal decker