Bella Bride – Wedding Inspiration

The opportunity for us to work with brides all the time is nothing short of joyful, but the opportunity to be a bride who works at Bella Figura? Absolutely incredible. As I’ve been planning my own wedding, it has been a sincere and immeasurable pleasure to interact with the wonderful brides we’ve printed letterpress invitations for and I’ve found myself completely immersed in beautiful letterpress wedding invitations every day. Hearing their stories, seeing their wedding photos, sharing in a bit of their sheer bliss, has been a remarkable way to prepare for my own wedding, which is taking place this weekend! Knowing how helpful and wonderful it has been for me to take a glimpse into the planning and happiness of other brides, I thought it seemed only appropriate to take this week to share a bit of my own wedding and my own inspriation.

Milk Glass Vase

Milk glass vases were something I knew I wanted to incorporate from the beginning.
{Photo by Punam Bean}

To kick it all off, I wanted to share this inspiration board I created several months ago now. It was by far not the first one I created, nor was it the last, but it’s definitely the collective inspiration that got me headed in the direction of how our wedding will unfold. I knew I wanted an event that was both classically elegant and incredibly fun – a little bit vintage, a little bit modern and a whole lot spectacular. Early on the color palette developed into a sophisticated array of neutrals with smudges of my favorite blue hues appearing in little whispers here and there. Attention to detail has been a priority from the beginning, including our letterpress wedding invitations I’ll share later in the week, and all of the other little elements I’ve been crafting over the past many months. Sticking to things that were beautiful, vintage, and handmade has been the running thread that has helped to bring everything together. I can’t wait to see how my vision plays out and to share photos soon.

For now, here is the inspiration board that has led the way…

Bella Figura Inspired Wedding Inspiration Board

Dress by Casablanca
Blue champagne via The Knot
Bridesmaids photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
Sparklers photo by Karen Wise Photography
Invitation by Bella Figura
Shoe photo by Marie Labbancz
Hair piece by Grace Art and Antiques on Etsy
Suit photo via The Great Coat and Tie Experiment
Bouquet photo by April Smith Photography